The Jakarta Composite Index rose 0.37 percent to 4,912.09 on Monday (02/06).

Asian stock indices were mostly up as the Japanese yen continued to depreciate after investors responded positively to Japan's higher markit manufacturing PMI. Furthermore, South Korea's balance of trade improved (better than expected) while China's NBS manufacturing PMI rose slightly.

The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate, however, put some pressure on the IHSG as it depreciated sharply after the release of inflation and trade data on Monday (02/06). Inflation was slightly higher than expected at 0.16 percent (month-to-month), thereby increasing on a year-on-year basis from 7.25 percent in April 2014 to 7.32 percent in May 2014. But particularly the April 2014 trade deficit of USD $1.97 billion was a major concern to market participants. This outcome was far worse than previously expected.

| Source: Bank Indonesia