This year, Indonesian CPO exports are expected to increase by one million tons compared to 2012, when approximately 18.1 million tons of CPO were exported. Last year, Indonesia's palm oil business had a rough year as the global palm oil price weakened sharply due to reduced demand. As such, stockpiles were able to rise. This year's CPO production is estimated to reach 25.5 million tons according to Gapki.

The palm oil industry is one of the most important industries of Indonesia as it contributes a significant portion to the country's economy (but also controversial due to environmental concerns) and provides employment for 4 million Indonesians. Earnings in Indonesia's plantation sector are dominated by palm oil, which accounts for 24 percent of total non oil & gas exports and 19 percent of total Indonesian exports. As such it is an important pillar of the Indonesian economy.

     Export Value
   in USD billion
Palm Oil
Rubber          8.39
coconut          1.19
Coffee          1.30
Others          2.89

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