What can you find in our January 2023 report? First of all, we present an analysis of the Indonesian economy by taking a look at various economic indicators. This enables us to get a clearer view on economic activity in Q4-2022 and the first month of 2023.

We also zoom in on Indonesia's biodiesel program that enters the B35 stage per February 2023. This program is designed to reduce Indonesia's dependence on imports of fuel and oil, while at the same time making more use of its abundance of palm oil.

We also discuss the cigarette manufacturing industry. While this industry faces great challenges (such as rising excise duties and other anti-smoking policies), local cigarette manufacturers continue to post growing revenues as there has been an increase in the number of Indonesian smokers. So, is it fair to lable this industry a 'sunset industry'?

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government plans to offer an IDR 7 million (approx. USD $475) subsidy for the purchase of an electric motorcycle. It is an effort to encourage more sales of electric motorcycles, thereby encouraging more investment in this sector.

We also present an update on the tourism industry of Indonesia. Yes, growth was great in 2022 (compared to the preceding year). However, growth comes from a very low base, and it will possibly take several years before foreign visitor arrivals are back at pre-COVID-19-crisis times.

Other topics discusses include: manufacturing activity, Bank Indonesias latest interest rate hike in January 2023, inflation at the start of a new year, the performance of the rupiah rate (against the US dollar) in January 2023, Indonesia's trade performance in full-2022, and government energy subsidy spending in 2022.

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