However, the result is disappointing as the 6.02 percent growth is the slowest pace of growth in over two years time. According to Chairman of Statistics Indonesia, Suryamin, Indonesia's GDP based on current prices in Q1-2013 was IDR 2,146.4 trillion (USD $220.37 billion). Two important pillars of economic growth in Indonesia, e.g. domestic consumption and foreign investments, grew 5.17 percent and 5.9 percent respectively (YoY).

As has been seen throughout history, the island of Java contributes most to the country's economic growth. Indonesia's most populous island accounts for 57.79 percent of Indonesia's GDP, followed by Sumatra with 23.99 percent.

Largest Contributors to Indonesia's GDP growth in Q1-2013:

Field of Business    Growth
 in Q1-2013
Transportation and Communication
Finance, Real Estate, & Business Services     8.35%
Construction     7.19%
Electricity, Gas and Clean Water     6.54%
Trade, Hotel and Restaurant     5.52%
     GDP Growth
Quarter 1 - 2012
Quarter 2 - 2012          6.4%
Quarter 3 - 2012          6.2%
Quarter 4 - 2012          6.1%
Quarter 1 - 2013          6.0%