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Berita Hari Ini SUN

  • Finance Ministry Indonesia Conducts Government Bond Auction

    The Finance Ministry of Indonesia is conducting a rupiah-denominated Government Debt Securities (SUN) auction on Tuesday (27/09). The auction opened at 10:00 am local Jakarta time and will close at 12:00 pm. The indicative target of the government is set at IDR 12 trillion (approx. USD $923 million), while the maximum target is set at IDR 18 trillion (approx. USD $1.4 billion). Proceeds are used to finance the Revised 2016 State Budget.

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  • Pefindo: Value of Indonesia's Debt Paper to Reach IDR 90 trillion in 2016

    Indonesian credit rating agency Pefindo (Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia) says the value of issued debt paper in Indonesia may reach IDR 90 trillion (approx. USD $6.8 billion), up 34 percent from the IDR 67 trillion worth of debt paper that was issued in Indonesia last year. Debt paper involves bonds, sukuk (Islamic bonds), and medium term notes. So far this year, Pefindo has been tasked to rate up to IDR 44.1 trillion worth of debt paper, while debt paper that has been issued up to May totaled IDR 25 trillion (approx. USD $1.9 billion).

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  • Indonesia Concerned about Foreign Ownership of Government Bonds

    The government of Indonesia has expressed its concern about rising foreign debt. Indonesian President Joko Widodo summoned Chief Economics Minister Darmin Nasution for a meeting to express his concern about the issue. In particular the high degree of foreign ownership of Indonesian securities needs attention as foreign ownership of government bonds has reached a new record high. Therefore, analysts say Indonesia needs to optimize government revenue (for example by reforming the nation's tax system) rather than depend on loans and bonds.

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  • Indonesian Bonds: an Attractive Investment Instrument?

    Indonesia's state bonds are expected to remain a popular investment instrument in the second quarter of 2016 - perhaps even the most popular instrument - due to stable and more attractive yields compared to other investment instruments. Although the Indonesian rupiah and the benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index) have both strengthened markedly over the past week (particularly supported by higher crude oil prices), the global economy remains plagued by uncertainties (China's economic slowdown and possible higher borrowing costs in the USA). Analysts say that in this context investor appetite for Indonesian bonds increases.

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  • Indonesia’s Balance of Payments (BoP) Improves in Q3-2014

    The balance of payments (BoP) of Indonesia, the widest measure of Indonesia’s financial balance with the rest of the world (encompassing all transactions between the country’s residents and non-residents involving goods, services and income), hit a surplus of USD $6.5 billion in the third quarter of 2014, up from the USD $4.3 billion surplus in the previous quarter. The surplus of USD $13.7 billion in the Q3-2014 financial and capital account offset the USD $6.84 billion current account deficit.

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  • Corporate & Financial Headlines in Indonesia: Daily Market Roundup

    What were the important corporate news headlines from Indonesia on Friday 15 August 2014? Below Indonesia Investments presents the daily market roundup. This includes the following companies and topics: Indomarco Prismatama, Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Pan Brothers, Archipelago International, bonds auction, RPX Group, Mayora Indah, the Titab Dam project in Bali, Intiland Development, Agung Podomoro Land, Matahari Putra Prima, Berau Coal Energy, and Citra Marga Nusahpala Persada.

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  • Capital Outflows from Indonesia as Fed's Quantitative Easing May End

    Emerging markets, such as Indonesia, have been feeling the impact of a recovering economy in the United States. Last month, the Federal Reserve announced that, if the economy of the USA continues its improving trend, it will end its quantitative easing program gradually in 2013 until a complete stop in 2014. As Indonesia is one of the emerging economies that benefited from the spillover effects of the Fed's monthly bond-buying program, the country now feels the negative impact of the possible stop to the program.

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Artikel Terbaru SUN

  • Bond Market Indonesia: Euro Bonds Sales a Success, Samurai Bonds Next

    The Indonesian government sold €3 billion worth of euro-denominated bonds (Surat Utang Negara, or SUN) on Tuesday (07/06) consisting of €1.5 billion of 7-year tenure bonds with a yield of 2.772 percent and €1.5 billion of 12-year tenure bonds with a yield of 3.906 percent. Combined, the issuance was oversubscribed 1.79 times with a total book order for the dual-trance bonds at €8.36 billion. Robert Pakpahan, Director General of Financing and Risk Management at Indonesia's Finance Ministry, said funds will be used to finance the 2016 budget deficit, which is expected to widen to 2.48 percent of GDP.

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  • Indonesia in April: State Budget & 7-day Reverse Repurchase Rate

    If we look back on the month of April, two important matters - related to the economy - occurred in Indonesia this month: (1) in the first week of April, the Indonesian government managed to complete the Revised 2016 State Budget (RAPBN-P 2016), and, one week later, (2) the central bank (Bank Indonesia) announced it will adopt a new benchmark monetary tool per 19 August 2016 - the so-called seven-day reverse repurchase rate - that is to replace the existing BI rate (which fails to influence market liquidity effectively).

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  • Pemerintah Indonesia Kembali Tawarkan ORI kepada Investor

    Untuk memperkuat basis investor domestik dan memenuhi pembiayaan APBN-P 2014, pemerintah Indonesia kembali menawarkan Obligasi Negara Ritel Indonesia (ORI). Ini adalah kali ke-11, pemerintah menerbitkan ORI sejak obligasi tersebut diluncurkan pada tahun 2006. ORI berseri ORI011 tersebut mulai ditawarkan pada 1-16 Oktober 2014. Tingkat  kupon yang ditawarkan ORI011 sebesar 8,5% dengan tenor selama tiga tahun. Minimum pemesanan yang diperbolehkan adalah Rp5 juta sementara maksimum pemesanan adalah Rp3 miliar per individu.

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  • Economic Update Indonesia: Interest Rate, Inflation, GDP and Trade Balance

    Bank Indonesia’s Board of Governors decided to hold the BI Rate at a level of 7.25 percent, with rates on the Lending Facility and Deposit Facility held respectively at 7.25 percent and 5.50 percent. Bank Indonesia will continue to monitor global and domestic developments and further synergise the monetary and macroprudential policy mix in order to ensure that inflationary pressures remain under control, that rupiah exchange rate stability is maintained according to its fundamentals and the current account deficit is reduced to a sustainable level.

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  • Indonesian Government Will Issue Global Sukuk and ORI in October

    The government of Indonesia plans to issue global sukuk (the Islamic equivalent of bonds) and retail bonds (Obligasi Ritel Indonesia, abbreviated ORI) in October 2013. Proceeds from the bond issuances will be used to finance the budget deficit, which is targeted at 2.48 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the 2013 Revised State Budget (APBN-P). This percentage figure is equivalent to IDR 233.7 trillion (USD $23.82 billion), and represents a robust increase compared to the deficit in 2012 (at 1.77 percent of GDP).

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