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  • Number of Internet Users Rising Rapidly in Indonesia

    According to the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (or APJII) there are currently 132.7 million Internet users in Indonesia, or approximately 51.8 percent of the total Indonesian population. These figures, which are the result of a survey, are much higher compared to 2014 when APJII data show that there were 88 million Internet users in Indonesia. Meanwhile, APJII Chairman Jamalul Izza informed that about 70 percent of Indonesian Internet users use a mobile device to access the Internet.

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  • Palapa Ring Project to Boost Indonesia's Internet Penetration

    One of Indonesia's priority infrastructure projects in the 2016-2019 period is the Palapa Ring project. This project, involving an undersea fiber-optic cable network that stretches across 13,000 kilometers and an onshore network of nearly 22,000 kilometers, aims to provide fast broadband Internet to Indonesians in both the urban and rural areas. The project is the first government-to-business cooperation scheme within Indonesia's telecommunication sector that utilizes the so-called "availability payment method".

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  • Indonesia Has 100 Million Internet Users, Internet Penetration at 40%

    The Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia (APJII) announced that Internet penetration in Indonesia has now reached 40 percent of the population, or 100 million Internet users. Jamalul Izza, Chairman of the APJII, said this milestone is the result of the joint efforts the government, Internet services providers and other stakeholders to make Internet access available across the archipelago and create a conducive regulatory environment. However, it also implies that 60 percent of the population - some 150 million people - still live without Internet.

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  • Internet Penetration in Indonesia: Rising but Slower than Wanted

    The number of Indonesian Internet users grew 13 percent (year-on-year) to 71.2 million in 2013 according to data provided by the Association of Indonesian Internet Providers (APJII). Overall, Internet penetration in Indonesia now stands at around 28 percent of the country's total population of over 240 million people. The number of Internet users in Indonesia is expected to grow to 107 million in 2014 and 139 million in 2015 based on the Millennium Development Goals. However, the sector needs government support to achieve these numbers.

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  • Internet Penetration in Indonesia still Low at 25% but Rising steadily

    Research institute Frost & Sullivan expects that broadband internet penetration in Indonesia (fixed and wireless) will grow to 25% at the end of 2013 and, depending on the development of the Palapa Ring, to 45% by 2018. Internet growth in Indonesia is particularly supported by the mobile broadband segment due to high demand for social media applications and mobile videos among the younger generation of Indonesians. By 2015, about 145 million Indonesians will have internet access. Currently, Indonesia's population numbers about 250 million people.

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  • Internet in Indonesia: Indonesia's Growing Number of Internet Users

    The Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia, abbreviated APJII) expects the number of Indonesian Internet users to increase between 20% and 30% to 80 million people at end 2013. With Indonesia's current population numbering about 240 million people, it means that Internet penetration will grow to 33.3%. This development means that both Internet services providers and the Indonesian government should provide supportive conditions to accommodate increased Internet usage.

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Artikel Terbaru APJII

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Visits Indonesia and Meets Jokowi

    Today, Indonesian president-elect Joko Widodo (commonly referred to as Jokowi) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met in Jakarta to discuss how Facebook can be utilized for the benefit of the people and how the social media network can support Indonesian micro businesses. With nearly 70 million, Indonesia contains the world’s fourth-largest Facebook community. With a total population that numbers about 250 million people, a burgeoning middle class and relatively low Internet penetration, there remains a large untapped potential.

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