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Berita Hari Ini Smog

  • Forest Fires in Indonesia Bring Traditional Haze Season

    The "haze season" is back in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Forest fires in Riau (Sumatra) are the main cause of smoke that has been carried to Singapore and Malaysia over the weekend. But also fires in West and Central Kalimantan have caused local haze. Hundreds of firefighters and military personnel were deployed to combat forest fires in Riau where 162 hotspots were counted over the past couple of days. Indonesian farmers' (illegal) slash-and-burn practices (aimed at clearing land) are the cause, while dry and hot weather exacerbate the situation.

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  • Environment in Indonesia: Carbon Emissions Hit New High

    A study published in Scientific Reports, conducted by scientists at King’s College London in cooperation with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), says the forest fires on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan that occurred between June and October 2015 released some 11.3 million tons of carbon each day (a figure that exceeds the 8.9 million tons of daily carbon emissions in the European Union). Last year's man-made forest fires and haze in Indonesia are among the worst natural disasters ever recorded.

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  • Forest Fires & Haze: Singapore Eager to Prosecute Indonesians

    Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated that he does not agree with Singapore's attempts to take legal action against those Indonesian individuals and companies that are responsible for the forest fires on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan that resulted in the severe haze that spread to Singapore (and other parts of Southeast Asia) in 2015. The toxic smog caused economic costs in Indonesia's neighboring countries. Kalla said Indonesia will not support Singapore in this case as the offense occurred in Indonesia, not in Singapore. As such, it would be an attack on Indonesia's sovereignty.

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  • Joko Widodo: Indonesia Intends to Join Trans-Pacific Partnership

    During his state visit to the USA, Indonesian President Joko Widodo told US President Barack Obama that Indonesia intends to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Currently, 12 countries have joined the TPP, including the USA and Japan, thus creating the world's largest free trade area (an area that covers about 40 percent of world trade). By many analysts the TPP is regarded a counterbalance to the big economic influence of China.

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  • Rubber Production Indonesia Expected to Fall in 2016 on Haze & El Nino

    Indonesia, the world's second-largest natural rubber producer, is expected to see slowing rubber output in 2016 on the back of the El Nino weather phenomenon as well as haze caused by forest fires on Sumatra and Kalimantan. Although the production decline may support rubber prices in the middle-long term, Indonesian rubber farmers are currently still plagued by rubber prices that have fallen to six-year lows due to reduced rubber demand from China, the world's largest rubber importer.

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  • Haze Update: Malaysia Closes Schools, Urges Indonesia to Act

    Again schools were ordered to shut (for at least two days) in Malaysia in order to protect children from inhaling smog as the air quality remains at very unhealthy levels (nearly hazardous in some regions). The air pollutant index still shows readings of between 201 to 300 in six districts around Malaysia's capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The haze, which - reportedly - may become the worst haze ever, is caused by companies' and people's illegal slash-and-burn practices to clear land for planting on parts of the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. The situation is exacerbated by the (El Nino-related) prolonged dry season.

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  • Kabut Asap Asia Tenggara: Singapura Menyebutkan Perusahaan Indonesia, Malaysia Menutup Sekolah

    Sementara Pemerintah Malaysia menginstruksikan lebih banyak sekolah untuk tidak beraktivitas pada hari Senin, sekolah-sekolah di Singapura dibuka kembali di hari pertama minggu ini karena kualitas udara membaik. Meskipun begitu, kendati telah membaik, kualitas udara di Singapura tetap tidak baik untuk kesehatan. Indeks standar polutan di Singapura mencapai 161 (berarti tidak baik untuk kesehatan) pada pukul 11 siang waktu lokal Singapura pada hari Senin (membaik dari level ‘berbahaya’ pada 341 minggu lalu). Sementara itu, Singapura menyebutkan lima perusahaan yang ikut menyebabkan kebakaran hutan yang menyebabkan kabut asap tebal di Asia Tenggara.

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  • Indonesia’s Forest Fires & Haze Plague Singapore and Malaysia

    The haze, caused by dozens of forest fires on Sumatra and Kalimantan, and which have spread to Singapore and Malaysia, is expected to plague the three countries in the next couple of days. Indonesian authorities, which are currently investigating forest fires in Central Kalimantan, South Sumatra, Riau, West Kalimantan and Jambi, mentioned that there are 107 people who have been named suspects, involved in 68 acts of slash-and-burn practices (according to Indonesian media).

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  • Kebakaran Hutan & Kabut Asap ‘Tahunan’ Indonesia Menganggu Penerbangan Komersil

    Indonesia dan Malaysia kembali dilanda oleh kabut asap tahunan yang disebabkan oleh kebakaran hutan di Palangkaraya (Kalimantan Tengah). Kabut asap yang tebal ini telah menyebabkan pembatalan sejumlah penerbangan komersil di bandara-bandara lokal di Jambi (Sumatra) dan Surabaya (Jawa). Sejauh ini, dilaporkan bahwa sejumlah tempat di Malaysia memiliki kualitas udara yang tidak sehat.

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  • Huge Forest Fires on Sumatra Endanger Singapore's Health and Economy

    Forest fires on the Indonesian island Sumatra have brought severe smog over Singapore's skyline for the past five days, reaching record breaking levels of air pollution in Southeast Asia's wealthy city state. The forest fires are believed to be caused by illegal slash and burn practice on Indonesia's forest-rich island of Sumatra (for palm oil expansion) and represent a recurring problem in the dry season. Besides the environmental disaster, the forest fires cause health issues as well as economic losses for Singapore.

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Artikel Terbaru Smog

  • Environment & Natural Disasters in Indonesia: Forest Fires Season Started

    A year ago - between June and October 2015 - severe man-made forest fires on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan released some 11.3 million tons of carbon per day, caused Indonesia to experience damages estimated at 1.9 percent of GDP (World Bank estimate), and spread toxic haze to other parts of Southeast Asia. Not only its regional neighbors but most of the world directed its anger at Indonesian authorities that failed to combat the fires, and more importantly, failed to uphold laws that forbid the slash-and-burn practice.

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  • Kebakaran Hutan & Kabut Asap: Kaitan Antara Pemilihan Umum Di Daerah dan Kebakaran

    Dengan kebakaran hutan yang masih membara di wilayah-wilayah pulau Sumatra dan Kalimantan, merusak lingkungan hidup tropis, sementara kabut asap beracun masih menyebar ke wilayah-wilayah lain di Asia Tenggara, menyebabkan kira-kira 500.000 kasus infeksi saluran pernapasan dan juga 19 kematian, bencana yang masih berlangsung ini telah diklasifikasikan sebagai kejahatan atas kemanusiaan. Sebuah laporan penelitian baru dan menarik, diterbitkan oleh Dr. Herry Purnomo (ilmuwan dari Center for International Forestry Research yang bermarkas di Bogor), menunjukkan hubungan antara pemilihan umum di daerah dan kebakaran hutan di Indonesia.

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