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Berita Hari Ini Soybean Oil

  • Update Berita Minyak Sawit: Pajak Ekspor CPO Indonesia Tetap pada 0%

    Pajak ekspor Indonesia untuk pengapalan minyak sawit mentah (crude palm oil/CPO) akan tetap pada 0% di Oktober 2015 karena harga referensi CPO Pemerintah jatuh 13% (month-on-month) menjadi 529,51 dollar Amerika Serikat (AS) per metrik ton. Ketika harga referensi CPO ini berada di bawah batasan 750 dollar AS per ton, maka Pemerintah menghapuskan pajak ekspor dalam rangka untuk membuat pembelian minyak sawit Indonesia menjadi lebih menarik. Kendati begitu, para eksportir masih tetap dikenai beacukai ekspor minyak sawit yang baru-baru ini diberlakukan. Ketika pajak ekspor dipotong menjadi 0%, para eksportir diharuskan untuk membayar beacukai senilai 50 dollar AS per ton untuk pengapalan CPO dan 30 dollar AS per ton untuk pengapalan produk-produk minyak sawit olahan (sebagian dari pendapatan ini disalurkan kepada program subsidi biodiesel Indonesia).

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  • Update Minyak Sawit Indonesia: Prediksi Pesimistis Harga CPO

    Diperkirakan bahwa ekspor minyak sawit mentah (crude palm oil/CPO) dan hasil olahannya jatuh pada Februari 2015 karena permintaan yang lambat dari India dan Republik Rakyat Tionghoa (RRT), dua negara pengimpor minyak sawit terbesar di dunia. Ekspor juga menurun karena produksi kedelai dunia meningkat (minyak kedelai adalah bahan pengganti yang mirip dengan minyak sawit untuk digunakan sebagai bahan makanan dan biodiesel). Berdasarkan pada median dari enam penghasil minyak sawit, perkiraan para analis dan lembaga, pengiriman minyak sawit Indonesia (termasuk bungkil inti sawit) jatuh 6% pada basis month-to-month (m/m) menjadi 1,7 juta metrik ton di bulan Februari.

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  • Palm Oil Update Indonesia: Subsidies for Biofuel to Lift CPO Prices

    Due to the Indonesian government’s plan to increase biofuel subsidies from IDR 1,500 per liter to IDR 4,000 per liter - in a move to protect the domestic biofuel industry - palm oil futures climbed the most in 28 months. Amid the world’s current low crude palm oil (CPO) prices, Indonesian biofuel producers have it rough as production costs exceed market prices and therefore requested the government to raise biofuel subsidies to offset losses. If approved by Indonesian authorities then this move should result in higher palm oil demand.

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  • Crude Palm Oil Update Indonesia: Outlook CPO Export Not too Great

    The Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (Gapki) believes that it is difficult for Indonesia to achieve the government’s target of collecting USD $36 billion by 2019 through crude palm oil (CPO) exports as several government policies disturb the performance of CPO exports. Moreover, global commodity prices (including palm oil) are still showing a downward trend - hence limiting foreign exchange earnings - as global economic growth remains sluggish. Economic growth of China, a major CPO importer, is expected to slow further this year.

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  • Indonesia's Crude Palm Oil Export Duty Lowered to 9% in September 2013

    The government of Indonesia will lower the export duties on crude palm oil (CPO) from 10.5 percent in August to 9 percent in September if the CPO price continues to stay between USD $800-850 per ton. This lower tax policy is done in order to stimulate export revenues amid persistent weak global commodity prices. The international palm oil market is expected to remain stagnant in August and September. Stockpiles of CPO in Malaysia and Indonesia are projected to rise between September and December 2013.

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Artikel Terbaru Soybean Oil

  • Palm Oil Update: CPO Output Indonesia & Malaysia Down, Price Up

    Crude palm oil (CPO) production in Indonesia and Malaysia is expected to decline due to the impact of the El Nino weather phenomenon (that brought a prolonged dry season to Southeast Asia). CPO production in Malaysia could fall between 1.5 and 2 million tons this year according to Dorab Mistry, Director at Godrej International. Declining output in the world's two leading palm oil producers and exporters implies that palm oil prices should be able to rise further. At the start of this week palm oil futures traded in Kuala Lumpur (June delivery) rose to 2,779 ringgit (approx. USD $695) per ton, the highest level since March 2014.

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  • Indonesia's Crude Palm Oil Sector; CPO Price Expected to Rebound

    The price of crude palm oil (CPO), which has been under downward pressure for a long time as global turmoil lingers on, started to rebound due to falling stockpiles in Indonesia and Malaysia. Reserves of the commodity fell because of weather conditions and because of an increase in demand ahead of the Islamic fasting month (Ramadhan). The price of crude palm oil is expected to hit the USD $900 per ton mark in late 2013, up from USD $828-865 per ton in May and June. This price recovery is expected to continue.

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