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Berita Hari Ini Robert Pakpahan

  • Indonesia to Sell 12 trln of Rupiah-Denominated Government Bonds on Tuesday

    The Indonesian government will offer rupiah-denominated government bonds (Surat Utang Negara or SUN) to investors between 10:00 and 12:00 am on Tuesday (29/03). The bond sale has an indicative target of IDR 12 trillion (approx. USD $909 million) but this target can be up-sized to IDR 18 trillion. Tomorrow's bond sale, proceeds of which are to be used to finance Indonesia's 2016 State Budget, involves four series (SPN12170302, FR0056, FR0073, and FR0072). The tender is open to both institutional investors and individual investors.

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  • Government of Indonesia to Front Load Bonds in 2016

    The Indonesian government will engage in front loading, issuing 61 percent of next year's total planned state bonds - worth IDR 532.4 trillion (approx. USD $38.6 billion) - in the first half of 2016. Proceeds are used to finance the 2016 State Budget. Earlier, on 2 December 2015, the government had already sold USD $3.5 billion worth of bonds to cover a shortfall in the 2016 State Budget, deliberately ahead of the possible US interest rate hike in mid-December (as this move is expected to reduce investor appetite for emerging market assets).

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  • Indonesia Steps Up ORI and Sukri Bond Issuances in 2016

    The Indonesian government will increase retail bond issuances in 2016. Robert Pakpahan, General Director of Debt Management at the Ministry of Finance, said the government will issue conventional retail bonds, known as ORI (Obligasi Negara Ritel Indonesia), twice in 2016. Furthermore, the government plans two rounds of sharia-compliant government retail bond (Sukuk Negara Ritel, or abbreviated Sukri) issuances next year. These bonds are only available to domestic investors.

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  • Islamic Finance in Indonesia: Sale of Sukuk Retail Bonds

    Indonesia eyes to raise IDR 20 trillion (USD $1.6 billion) from the sale of sukuk, Islamic bonds, to Indonesian citizens between 23 February and 6 March 2015. These three-year Sharia-compliant retail bonds (SR-007 retail sukuk) offer an 8.25 percent coupon rate, the highest premium over existing securities in two years. The minimum order for these bonds starts at IDR 5 million and the maximum is IDR 5 billion. The Indonesian Finance Ministry said that proceeds of the debt sales will be used to finance the country’s state-budget deficit.

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  • Indonesia to Offer US Dollar, Euro, Yen and Islamic Bonds in 2015

    The government of Indonesia announced that it plans to sell US dollar, euro and yen-denominated bonds as well as global sukuk (Islamic bonds) in 2015. Robert Pakpahan, Director General at the Debt Management Office within the Finance Ministry, said that the government targets to issue IDR 431 trillion (USD $35.2 billion) worth of bonds next year, of which USD $7-8 billion will be offered to global investors. Pakpahan added that the Indonesian government will not offer saving bonds next year.

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  • Indonesian Government May Issue its First Ever Euro Bonds in 2014

    In anticipation of tighter US dollar supplies, the government of Indonesia is considering the issuance of euro-denominated bonds in 2014. This would be the first time for the government to issue bonds in the currency. Robert Pakpahan, head of the debt office within Indonesia's Finance Ministry, said that they are discussing both euro- and yen-denominated sovereign bonds, equivalent to USD $6 billion. The bonds will be used to cover the country's budget deficit, which is set at 1.69 percent of GDP or IDR 175.4 trillion (USD $15.5 billion) in 2014.

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  • Indonesia's Automotive Sector: Growing Car Sales and Subsidized Fuel Quota

    Indonesia's government expects expenditure on subsidized fuels in 2014 to amount between IDR 190-220 trillion (USD $19.2 to 22.2 billion). A high official at Indonesia's Finance Ministry, Robert Pakpahan, said that the assumption is based on a subsidized fuel quota of 48 to 51 million kiloliters and an Indonesian crude oil price of USD $100-115 per barel. Despite having raised the price of subsidized gasoline by 44 percent last week, it means that both volume quota and total expenditure on fuel subsidies will rise in 2014.

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  • New Sharia-Compliant Government Retail Bonds Sale in Indonesia

    The government of Indonesia plans to sell another series of sharia-compliant government retail bonds (in Indonesian: Sukuk Negara Ritel, abbreviated Sukri). The offering period is planned for 4 February - 2 March 2017. However, Suminto, Islamic Financing Director at the Budget Financing and Risk Management Office within Indonesia's Finance Ministry, did not inform about the indicative target for this issuance. He only informed local media that the target of the bond issuance will be in line with the government's financing needs and existing market conditions.

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  • Bond Market Indonesia: Euro Bonds Sales a Success, Samurai Bonds Next

    The Indonesian government sold €3 billion worth of euro-denominated bonds (Surat Utang Negara, or SUN) on Tuesday (07/06) consisting of €1.5 billion of 7-year tenure bonds with a yield of 2.772 percent and €1.5 billion of 12-year tenure bonds with a yield of 3.906 percent. Combined, the issuance was oversubscribed 1.79 times with a total book order for the dual-trance bonds at €8.36 billion. Robert Pakpahan, Director General of Financing and Risk Management at Indonesia's Finance Ministry, said funds will be used to finance the 2016 budget deficit, which is expected to widen to 2.48 percent of GDP.

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  • Pemerintah Indonesia Kembali Tawarkan ORI kepada Investor

    Untuk memperkuat basis investor domestik dan memenuhi pembiayaan APBN-P 2014, pemerintah Indonesia kembali menawarkan Obligasi Negara Ritel Indonesia (ORI). Ini adalah kali ke-11, pemerintah menerbitkan ORI sejak obligasi tersebut diluncurkan pada tahun 2006. ORI berseri ORI011 tersebut mulai ditawarkan pada 1-16 Oktober 2014. Tingkat  kupon yang ditawarkan ORI011 sebesar 8,5% dengan tenor selama tiga tahun. Minimum pemesanan yang diperbolehkan adalah Rp5 juta sementara maksimum pemesanan adalah Rp3 miliar per individu.

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