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  • Instant Noodles Market Indonesia: Difficult to Compete with Indomie

    Despite the slowing economy and weaker purchasing power in recent years, sales of instant noodles in Indonesia continue to rise. Although unhealthy, instant noodles are a highly popular meal in Indonesia due to its cheap price, tasty flavors, and easy-to-prepare nature. Instant noodle brands such as Indomie (produced by the Indofood Group) and Mie Sedaap (produced by the Wings Group) have become household favorites across the archipelago. Both are among the top five brands that are purchased most often by Indonesian households.

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  • Alkohol di Indonesia: Penjualan Alkohol di Minimarket Dilarang

    Menteri Perdagangan Indonesia Rachmat Gobel mengkonfirmasi bahwa larangan penjualam alkohol di semua minimarket dan kios akan terus berlanjut setelah 16 April 2015. Larangan ini, diatur dalam Peraturan Menteri Perdagangan No. 06/M-DAG/PER/1/2015 mengenai Pengendalian dan Pengawasan terhadap Pengadaan, Peredaran, dan Penjualan Minuman Beralkohol (yang ditandatangani oleh Menteri Perdagangan pada 16 Januari 2015), melarang penjualan minuman dengan kandungan alkohol antara 1-5 % (disebut sebagai minuman alkohol golongan A) di semua minimarket dan kios.

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  • Indonesian Minimarkets Continue to Grow at the Expense of Supermarkets

    Turnover of Indonesian minimarkets has grown sharply. In 2014, the value of sales is expected to jump 13.5 percent to IDR 94 trillion (USD $8.3 billion) compared to this year's projection of IDR 82.9 trillion (USD $7.3 billion). Indonesia's large population (over 240 million) and rapidly urbanizing society gives rise to high demand for nearby shops where people can find their daily needs. In recent years, outlets of minimarkets have been mushrooming in Indonesian cities, particularly on Java. Outside the island of Java, there is still ample room for growth.

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  • Government Reregulates Minimarkets & Convenience Stores in Indonesia?

    The government of Indonesia is studying the possibility of issuing a presidential regulation that sets new rules regarding convenience stores and minimarkets in all Indonesian provinces. The aim of this regulation would be to protect the traditional retail shops and markets of Indonesia. Indonesia's Trade Ministry is currently studying the issue. Darmin Nasution, Minister of Economic Affairs, said the new regulation would not be aimed at undermining the minimarket sector of Indonesia.

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  • Bond Market Indonesia: Sumber Alfaria Trijaya to Refinance Debt

    Often companies issue (new) bonds to settle debt that is to mature soon. This strategy is called (debt) refinancing. This is particularly attractive for a company when the country's interest rate environment - set by the central bank - is easing. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, is one of the companies that uses this tactic. Over the next couple of years the company plans to issue IDR 3 trillion (approx. USD $226 million) worth of bonds, divided in two series, to refinance its existing bonds.

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