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Berita Hari Ini Lombok

  • Lombok Again Struck by Big Earthquake; Many Casualties & Much Damage

    The 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Lombok - one of the more popular holiday islands in Indonesia - on Sunday 29 July 2018 and killed 17 people was apparently only a harbinger of things to come. Exactly one week later, on Sunday 5 August 2018, a more powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the same island. This time it killed at least 91 people and damaged thousands of buildings. The number of casualties is likely to rise further in the hours or days ahead.

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  • Volcano Eruption Indonesia: Searching for Missing Tourists

    Reportedly 389 tourists are "missing", believed to be trapped in the area around Mount Rinjani in East Lombok. On Tuesday afternoon (27/09) the 3.7 kilometers high Mount Barujari, located close to Mount Rinjani, erupted. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), said authorities are doing their best to locate these tourists, find out their condition and evacuate them. Indonesian authorities have already evacuated more than 1,000 people (mostly foreign and domestic tourists) from the area.

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  • Letusan Gunung Berapi Raung Menyebabkan Penutupan Bandara Indonesia

    Di Indonesia, pihak berwenang menutup sementara operasional di lima bandara, termasuk bandara internasional Ngurah Rai di Denpasar yang merupakan tujuan kunjungan utama turis di Bali. Keputusan ini diambil karena letusan Gunung Raung (berlokasi di Jawa Timur). Level aktivitas gunung berapi ini telah meningkat selama 7 hari terakhir dan kini menyemburkan tinggi abu dan reruntuhan di udara dan membahayakan keselamatan para penumpang udara. Karena penutupan lima bandara ini, diperkirakan ribuan penumpang merasakan dampaknya.

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Artikel Terbaru Lombok

  • New Major Earthquakes Strike Lombok

    While residents on the island of Lombok were still in the process of recovering from the deadly earthquakes in late July 2018, the area was again hit by a series of devastating earthquakes in August.

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  • Tourism in Indonesia: Terrorism, Infrastructure and Asean Common Visa

    Tourism in Indonesia has posted impressive growth rates in recent years. This development is due to the fact that Indonesia has plenty of beautiful sites and cultural traditions to offer to foreign (and domestic) tourists, improved airline accessibility to Indonesia, and enhanced focus on promotional campaigns in foreign countries. Lastly, and not unimportantly, there have been no violent terrorist attacks in recent years. In the 2000s, a vicious terrorist attack always resulted in a temporary drop in foreign tourist arrivals.

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