The chairman of the BKPM said: "A series of improvement of investment climate in both central and local government’s services, such as the integrated investment services, and various incentives for investment as well as an integrated promotion have been responded positively by domestic and foreign investors, marked by a significant increase of domestic and foreign investment realization in 2012.”

  Q4 – 2012 Q4 – 2011   Growth 
Domestic Investment
    26.5     24.0    10.4%
Foreign Investment
    56.8     46.2    22.9%
Total Investment     83.3     70.2    18.7%

in trillion IDR rupiah

The five largest sectors in terms of domestic direct investment realization in Q4 2012 were:

Sector Investment Value
Transport, Storage and Communication
   IDR 4.9 trillion
Food Industry
   IDR 3.4 trillion
Food Crops and Plantation    IDR 3.4 trillion
Paper and Printing Industry    IDR 2.6 trillion
Construction    IDR 2.4 trillion

Foreign direct investment realizations focused on:

Sector Investment Value
Metal, Machinery and Electronic Industry
   US $1.2 billion
   US $1.1 billion
Transport, Storage and Communication    US $0.9 billion
Food Industry    US $0.6 billion
Motor Vehicles & Other Transport Equipment Industry    US $0.5 billion

As usual throughout Indonesian history, investments were mostly realized on Java, Indonesia's most populous island. About 64 percent of total investments in Q4 2012 were on this island. Apart from Java, other regions that saw large investments were Central Kalimantan, Riau (Sumatra) and Papua.

The majority of foreign direct investment realizations came from Singapore (US $1.4 billion), South Korea (US $0.7 billion), Japan (US $0.7 billion), USA (US $0.5 billion) and Mauritius (US $0.4 billion).