World Bank Classifications:


 GNI per Capita

 Low Income Country

 Below USD $1,035

 Lower-Middle Income Country

 USD $1,035 – USD $4,045

 Upper-Middle Income Country

 USD $4,046 – USD $12,535

 High Income Country

 Above USD $12,535

Indonesia’s Finance Ministry responded positively to the news via a press release. It said the World Bank’s decision reflects the strengthening economic fundamentals of the nation, and certainly helps to improve investors’ perceptions of Indonesia. This may therefore trigger an increase in direct investment realization in the foreseeable future, and prompt an improvement in the country’s current account balance, while also making the Indonesian economy more competitive.

It its report titled ‘Aspiring Indonesia-Expanding the Middle Class’, the World Bank mentions that Indonesia has made big progress since the early 2000s in terms of social and economic development. Poverty has fallen rapidly (to below 10 percent of the population), while the middle class has expanded quickly (with 20 percent of the Indonesian population now considered as being middle class).

But COVID-19 May Undo What Has Been Achieved

However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has seriously interrupted the country’s social and economic progress in 2020. In fact, Indonesia could even fall back into the lower-middle income country category before the end of 2020 as a recession seems unavoidable. After the 2.97 percent year-on-year (y/y) economic growth pace in Q1-2020, we assume Indonesia to experience contracting growth in the remaining three quarters of the year. In fact, the first half of 2021is also likely to become a challenging period. A COVID-19 vaccine is probably only ready for use in Indonesia in the middle of Q1-2021. However, before the majority of Indonesians are actually vaccinated we may have already entered the second half of 2021.

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