Technology jobs that are in demand in Indonesia include: software engineers, developers (including web developers, program developers, and application developers), Programmers and digital media specialists. These in demand technology jobs accounted for 30 percent of the total number of technology jobs in Indonesia.

Using proprietary natural language and text analytics technology to analyze and sieve duplicate online job postings with over 95 percent accuracy, JobTech has identified the fastest growing skills and most sought-after skills by employers of Indonesia's in demand technology jobs.

Demand for fastest growing skills was found to steadily increase every month throughout January-June 2017. Fastest Growing Domain Knowledge required by employers include:

Fastest Growing Technical Skills include:

In addition, JobTech has identified the current top sought after skills for technology jobs in demand as follows.

Top Skills Sought by Indonesia Technology Jobs in Demand January-June 2017:

Top skills include SQL, PHP and HTML4/HTML5 which are typically applied to database management and web development respectively. In addition, a significant number of job descriptions expressly require candidates to exercise analytical thinking and creative thinking aside from having good communication skills. Server knowledge, which requires a hybridization of software and hardware knowledge in ensuring optimization of database storage and operational computational servers was found to also be a domain knowledge required by technology jobs in demand.

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