However, after the release of weak US economic data last Friday, sentiments changed completely and emerging markets saw massive capital inflows on the back of an expected US interest rate hike delay. As a result Indonesia's rupiah and Jakarta Composite Index strengthened significantly.

Based on a statement released by Bank Indonesia, the foreign exchange reserves are adequate to cover seven months of imports or 6.8 months of imports and government foreign debt servicing, well above the international standards of reserve adequacy at three months of imports.

Indonesia's Foreign Exchange Reserves 2008-2015:

    2008   2009
  2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015²
Foreign Exchange
  51.6   66.1   96.2  110.1  112.8    99.4   111.9   101.7

¹ in billion US dollar
² at end-September 2015
Source: Bank Indonesia