Jodie O'Tania, Vice President Corporate Communication of BMW Group Indonesia, said the BMW models that are often used by diplomats in Indonesia are the luxury sedan 7 series and 5 series as well as the sport utility vehicle (SUV) X series.

For the future, BMW will focus on corporate and diplomatic sales in Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest economy. Therefore, the X series will have a high degree of advanced safety elements.

Those BMW vehicles that are delivered to the diplomats working in Indonesia are fully built (completely built up, or CBU) in - and imported from - Germany. Reason being that the vehicles need to be designed and built in accordance with the latest global standards.

Meanwhile, the company also offers the X5 series, equipped with a high amount of safety measures such as fireproof glass, to premium customers in Indonesia.

Based on data from the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo), a total of 1,631 BMW vehicles (involving a total of 37 different models) were sold on the Indonesian market in the first eight months of 2017. Most (namely 1,366 vehicles) were put together in Indonesia, while the remaining 265 CBU units were imported into Indonesia.

BMW also offers special services for their premium customers in Indonesia (called "BMW Diplomatic Services"), which includes a free repair service for a three-year period as well as free maintenance package for a five-year period (or 60,000 kilometers) and tire coverage (broken tires will be replaced by a new original BMW tire free of charge).

Karen Lim, President Director of BMW Group Indonesia, said the company offers special promotions for premium customers in October 2017.