Stock Quote Blue Bird - BIRD:

Blue Bird commands a market share of 33 percent in Indonesia's taxi services market, followed by Express Transindo Utama (11 percent).

The company announced that 53 percent of proceeds generated through the IPO will be used for debt repayment, while the remaining 47 percent will be used for capital expenditure (capex) in 2015. Capex includes a car pool acquisition as well as adding 7,500 taxi units to its current taxi fleet.

Although most famous for its taxi services (which account for about 79 percent of the company’s revenues), Blue Bird is also active in logistics services, manufacturing and property business.

Blue Bird Group's Financial Highlights:

      2012     2013     2014F     2015F     2016F
Revenue   3,099.0   3,921.0   4,888.0   6,016.0   7,003.0
Net Income     118.1     708.2     777.0     966.5   1,206.0
EBITDA     964.0   1,493.0   1,774.0   2,221.0   2,687.0
P/E (x)        -        -       24      19.3      15.5

in billion IDR rupiah unless otherwise stated
Source: Deutsche Bank

Company Profile Blue Bird: Indonesia’s Largest Taxi Operator

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