In this way, a foreigner cannot block an Indonesian (possessing equal skills) from employment, which will subsequently have a positive effect on the country's unemployment rate (6.3 percent in 2013). "Foreign workers must be able to transfer their excellent skills, knowledge and technology to locals as an effort to develop the quality of Indonesian human resources and labor," Iskandar said. In fact, the presence of a foreign worker should stimulate job creation, especially for local workers.

Expatriates in Indonesia:

   2012    2013
Number of Expatriates
Working in Indonesia
  77,307   72,427   68,957

Most foreign workers in Indonesia originate from China, Japan, South Korea, India and Malaysia. The sector in which most expatriates work is the trade and services sector (36,913 foreign workers), followed by industry (24,029) and agriculture (8,015).

Number of Foreign Workers:

China      14,371
South Korea       9,075
India       6,047
Malaysia       4,962

Ministry of Manpower & Transmigration