Compared to 2011, Indonesia's exports declined by 6.61 percent in 2012; the oil & gas sector recorded a 10.9 percent decline, while the non-oil & gas sector recorded a 5.5 percent decline. Total export value for the year was US $190 billion, of which US $153 billion came from the non-oil & gas sector (in particular minerals and animal & vegetable fats and oils). The most important export destinations were China, Japan and the USA.

Imports in 2012 rose by 8.02 percent compared to 2011; oil & gas imports rose by 4.58 percent, while non oil & gas imports rose by 9.05 percent. Total value of Indonesian imports in 2012 was US $191.7 billion of which US $149.1 billion were non oil & gas products (in particular machinery and mechanical equipment, and electric appliances). Most imports come from China, Japan and Singapore.