What do we discuss in this January 2024 report?

With the Indonesian elections approaching (scheduled for 14 February 2024), we certainly give some attention to these elections. As we have seen in recent months, Prabowo Subianto seems to enjoy a comfortable lead in the opinion polls and surveys. However, a victory in one round seems unlikely.

Another interesting subject is the Indonesian government's plan to revise its renewable energy targets. Earlier, it targeted renewables to supply 23 percent of the country's energy mix by 2025. However, due to slow progress, this target is basically impossible to reach. In an article we zoom in on this topic (including the pros and cons of revising the renewable energy target).

We also zoom in on car sales in Indonesia. Car sales form an important indicator in terms of purchasing power and consumer confidence. Problematically, we have seen car sales contract in Indonesia in the second half of 2023.

Furthermore, we also offer articles on the topics of economic growth (focusing on Q4-2023), the rupiah performance and monetary policy (which is highly dependent on decisions made by the US Federal Reserve).

We also present an in-depth look into the rubber sector of Indonesia, zooming in on production, export and domestic production. We certainly pay attention to the challenges that are faced by the national rubber industry.

Other articles include analyses of inflation, trade, and manufacturing. Particularly inflation is an interesting topic as Indonesia has been showing declining core inflation (reach levels that we normally only see during crises-periods).

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