Yamaha motorcycles remain the most popular brand, controlling more than 50 percent of Indonesia's motorcycle export market. In February 2016 a total of 15,741 Yamaha units were exported abroad, followed on second position by Honda (5,290 units) and, thirdly, Suzuki (4,368 units).

Mohammad Masykur, Assistant General Manager Marketing at Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, explained that the export growth of Yamaha motorcycles was not the result of tapping new export markets but was caused by offering new products to existing export markets. This is what separates Yamaha from the market expansion strategy applied by other motorcycle exporters.

Honda, for example, which saw its motorcycle exports surge by a staggering 951.9 percent (y/y) in February 2016, managed to expand its export markets by tapping new destinations. Previously, the company solely focused on motorcycle exports to East Timor and the Philippines. This year, however, it the added Southeast Asian region to its customer base.

Indonesian Motorcycle Exports:

• Total Motorcycle Exports
  14,433   27,066     +87.5%
 - Yamaha    8,995   15,741     +75.0%
 - Honda     503    5,290    +951.7%
 - Suzuki    2,388    4,368     +82.9%
 - TVS    1,000     980       -2.0%
 - Kawasaki    1,547     687      -55.6%

Source: Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI)