Particularly after the official result of the presidential election is announced on 22 July 2014, causing a more certain political and economic climate (unless the result is disputed and needs to be handled by the country’s Constitutional Court first which will take up to late August before a final decision is made), companies are expected to be more enthusiast to hold an IPO.

Warsito emphasized that it is important to have more IPOs in Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, as it deepens the capital market. Currently the number of listed companies on the IDX is low compared to other countries. For example, Singapore and Malaysia have about 700 and 900 listed companies, respectively. Therefore, the IDX has been busy to make it more attractive for Indonesian companies to publicly trade their shares (for example by implementing easier rules to hold an IPO) and try to educate Indonesian companies about the advantages of being a listed company.

Sitara Propertindo, an Indonesian property company, raised IDR 424 billion by releasing four billion shares, or 39.96 percent of its enlarged share capital. The company’s shares rose 69.8 percent on its first trading day. Meanwhile, Bank Dinar (a financial institution) released 500 million shares, or 22.22 percent of the company’s enlarged share capital. Shares of the bank rose 70 percent on its trading debut.

Stock Quote Sitara Propertindo - TARA:

Stock Quote Bank Dinar Indonesia - DNAR:


Last Update: 29 Mar 2021
IPOs in 2014 up to 12 July
CompanyP: 29 Mar 2021P: 28 Mar 2021Gain/LossP/E ttmYield %Gain/Loss YTD
Bank Panin SyariahPNBS83821.22%N/A0.00%-4.60%
Asuransi Mitra Maparya Tbk.ASMI925930-0.54%N/A0.00%-6.57%
Bank Ina Perdana Tbk.BINA1,5601,5500.65%N/A0.00%64.21%
Capitol Nusantara Indonesia Tbk.CANI1861860.00%N/A0.00%22.37%
Tunas Alfin Tbk.TALF31025820.16%N/A0.00%13.97%
Bali Towerindo Sentra Tbk.BALI7006901.45%N/A0.00%-6.04%
Wijaya Karya BetonWTON334344-2.91%N/A0.00%-20.85%
Graha Layar PrimaBLTZ4,6004,650-1.08%N/A0.00%53.85%
Intermedia Capital Tbk.MDIA6366-4.55%N/A0.00%3.28%
Eka Sari Lorena TransportLRNA180185-2.70%N/A0.00%1.69%
Link NetLINK3,2403,2001.25%N/A0.00%25.10%
Chitose InternasionalCINT238244-2.46%N/A0.00%-6.30%
Magna Finance Tbk.MGNA50500.00%N/A0.00%0.00%
Batavia Prosperindo Internasional Tbk.BPII7,3007,3000.00%N/A0.00%-15.12%
Mitrabara AdiperdanaMBAP2,8102,8000.36%N/A0.00%1.08%
Sitara Propertindo Tbk.TARA50500.00%N/A0.00%0.00%
Bank Dinar Indonesia Tbk.DNAR196210-6.67%N/A0.00%6.52%
Combined Total22,82522,7950.13%6.89%

Green colour indicates upward movement Red colour indicates downward movement P = price; E = earnings; D = dividend; Yield = D/P "N/A" indicates P/E < 0 (negative earnings) "-" indicates E,D,P or YTD is not available