Indonesia is the third destination of Pence's 10-day tour through the Asia-Pacific. This tour aims to enhance diplomatic relations, improve regional security cooperation, and seek fairer trade between the USA and several Asia-Pacific nations.

The investment deals include ExxonMobil Mobil Corp that will supply 1 million tons of liquid natural gas (LNG) to Indonesia's state-owned energy company Pertamina in the 2025-2045 period. Other examples are Lockheed Martin that will provide an advanced weapons targeting system for Indonesia’s F-16 fighter jets, General Electric Co that will build electrical infrastructure, and Honeywell that will supply turboprop engines to Indonesian aerospace firm Dirgantara.

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During a meeting with Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Pence said "These investment deals represent the tremendous excitement that US firms feel about opportunities in Indonesia. However, he added US companies have to face various barriers when trying to enter the Indonesian market such as the weakness of intellectual property, the lack of transparency and the requirements in manufacturing to have a minimum amount of local content (in order to be allowed to sell products domestically in Indonesia).

Based on the data from Indonesia's Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the USA invested a total of USD $1.16 billion in 540 projects in Indonesia in full-year 2016.

MOUs signed by Indonesia-US Companies during Pence Visit:

Companies Remark
Exxon Mobil-Pertamina ExxonMobil Mobil Corp is to supply 1 million tons of LNG to energy company Pertamina in the 2025-2045 period
General Electric GE agrees to support Indonesia's 35,000 MW power program by delivering supporting technology for a 2,650 MW program
Greenbelt Resources-Jababeka Infrastructure Both companies are to build a waste treatment center in the Jababeka region
Haliburton-Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) (1) Cooperation in a geothermal project in Ambon,
(2) Build a strategic and long-term cooperation for the Geothermal Energy Development project
Honeywell-Dirgantara Indonesia Honeywell is to supply 34 turboprop engines to Indonesian aerospace firm Dirgantara Indonesia (as well as training) over the next 4 years
Lockheed Martin-Indonesian army Will provide an advanced weapons targeting system for Indonesia’s F-16 fighter jets
Pacific Intra Capital LLC-Infra Cerdas Indonesia-PLN Develop advanced electricity metering infrastructure
Nextgen-Samarinda Municipality -
Investasi Ormat Technologies To develop a 110 MW energy project in Sarulla (North Sumatra)
Applied Materials-PLN To develop a 500 KW infrastructure project