Bowie, who was born David Robert Jones in London in 1947, left a 20-page will that divided his estate (worth an estimated USD $100 million) between his wife Iman Abdulmajid Jones, two children, his long-term personal assistant, and a former nanny. Remarkably, Bowie also stated in his will that he wanted his body shipped to Bali and cremated in accordance with Buddhist rituals of Bali. However, if cremation on Bali would not be possible, Bowie still wanted his ashes to be scattered on the Indonesian island. Whether this wish has been fulfilled - or is to be fulfilled soon - remains unknown.

The rock singer, known for songs such as Space Oddity, Heroes, and Under Pressure (together with British rock band Queen), became fascinated with Bali after taking a holiday in Indonesia (including Bali) in the early 1980s. In fact, he made Indonesian versions of two songs: Amlapura and Don't Let Me Down & Down.

Later Bowie developed a villa - fully equipped with traditional Balinese and Javanese architecture - on the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique.

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