In a press release Goodyear Indonesia stated that this is an alarming finding because the weak state of tires forms a danger for the passengers and other road users.

By using a tread depth gauge, Goodyear found that most tires only have 2 - 4 mm left before the tire carcass actually touches the asphalt.

The company urges the Indonesian people to have their cars checked and - if needed - replace the tires in order to safeguard their well-being. The timing of this warning is not arbitrary. The holy fasting month (Ramadan) is currently underway and is followed by the Idul Fitri celebrations. During the Idul Fitri celebrations, a week-long national holiday, millions of people (mostly in the cities) travel back to their places of origin to spend several days with their families (a tradition known as mudik). This exodus from the cities causes great traffic congestion around the ring roads and every year results in traffic accidents and casualties. If the cars are in good condition, then it reduces the dangers on the road. This can save lives.

Meanwhile, Honda Prospect Motor said it will keep 96 dealers open across Indonesia between 23 June and 2 July 2017 for consumers. It also prepares 109 garages around the main roads that can be used by "Idul Fitri travelers".

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