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  • Mudik Tradition Indonesia: Fewer Idul Fitri Traffic Accidents

    Indonesian police informed that there were less traffic accidents during this year's Idul Fitri exodus compared to preceding years. Idul Fitri, a national week-long holiday, marks the end of the Islamic fasting month (Ramadan) and is a big happening in Indonesia. Ahead of Idul Fitri millions of workers who live in the cities travel to their places of origin to spend some days with their families. Locally, this tradition is known as "mudik" ("going home").

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  • Traffic Safety in Indonesia: Most Car Tires in Bad Shape

    Goodyear Indonesia, a leading manufacturer and distributor of tires in Indonesia, encountered an interesting, and yet alarming, fact as it is holding its Ramadan Trade-In program (3-18 June 2017) in shopping centers across Jakarta, Bogor and Surabaya. Under this program people can have the tires of their cars checked at the Goodyear booths. So far around 8,000 cars have been checked and apparently 60 percent of these cars had tires that were in a bad condition.

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  • Indonesia's Mudik Travelers Estimated to Rise in 2016

    The Transportation Ministry of Indonesia predicts that there will be around 18 million people traveling back to their places of origin ahead of this year's Idul Fitri celebrations (the days that mark the end of the Ramadan fasting month). This prediction is 3.3 percent higher than the flow of people during last year's Idul Fitri (17.4 million). The annual exodus of Indonesian workers and professionals from the cities back to their hometowns - to spend some days with their parents - ahead of Idul Fitri (Lebaran) is called mudik in Indonesian.

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  • Ramadan & Infrastructure in Indonesia: Idul Fitri Exodus Estimated at 20 Million

    It is estimated that about 20 million Indonesians will travel back to their hometowns during the Idul Fitri (also known as Lebaran) celebrations that mark the end of the Ramadan (the Islamic holy fasting month) next month. This homeward bound traveling is locally known as mudik. The annual mudik tradition involves millions of Indonesians taking time off from work, leaving their urban residences and travel back to their places of birth in the rural areas for a few days. During these days cities become empty.

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  • Indonesia's Idul Fitri Traffic Causes many Accidents, Casualties and Injuries

    According to Indonesia's police department, heavy traffic caused by the Idul Fitri celebrations resulted in the deaths of more than 471 people as well as 740 seriously injured people in over 2000 traffic accidents. Most accidents are caused by drivers that fall asleep during the journey. Idul Fitri marks the end of the holy fasting month (Ramadan) and is one of the major national holidays in Indonesia. This year Idul Fitri fell on Thursday 8 August and, as usual, is accompanied by the tradition that Indonesians travel back to their places of birth.

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  • Indonesia's Annual Mudik Tradition Turns Jakarta into an 'Empty' City

    The city center streets of Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta, which are normally characterized by heavy traffic jams, are becoming quiet. As the holy Islamic fasting month (Ramadan) is getting towards the end, people are traveling back to their places of origin for the Lebaran celebrations. This annual tradition is known as 'mudik'. Usually, the people spend a few days at their hometowns before traveling back to their places of work. This period also means that businesses (including the stock exchange) are mostly closed until 12 August 2013.

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  • Construction of Jakarta's MRT Projected to Start in October 2013

    In order to tackle Jakarta's grave traffic problem, brought on by a lack of quantity and quality of infrastructure and public transportation in combination with millions of daily travelers, governor Joko Widodo has given great priority to the development of the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT). Similar to the Sunda Strait Bridge, Jakarta's MRT project has been a topic of heated discussion and study for decades. However, pressure from Jakarta's governor Joko Widodo (who is better known as Jokowi) put an end to the lingering delay.

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  • The Life of an Expat in Jakarta: App-Based Transport Services

    Foreigners who live in Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta are well aware of the horrible traffic situation. The lack of sufficient infrastructure development in combination with high car sales in recent years as well as the ever-growing population of Jakarta have resulted in complete standstills in many parts of the city, particularly on weekdays. To cover a relatively small distance in a car or taxi it can take hours, a loss of valuable time. Fortunately, there is a solution to these traffic jams.

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  • Infrastructure Projects Indonesia: Semanggi Flyover Jakarta

    Construction of a new big infrastructure project in Indonesia has started: the Semanggi flyover in Jakarta's central business district. The project involves two additional elevated ramp roads above the existing intersection at Semanggi (hence creating an interchange). Improving the existing road infrastructure at this location is required in order to ease severe traffic congestion that occurs on working days. The project, which requires high-end technology, kicked off on Friday (08/04) and is scheduled to be completed in August 2017, ahead of the 2018 Asian Games.

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  • International Tender Surabaya Monorail and Tram Project in December 2013

    The regional government of Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city after the capital city of Jakarta, is planning to tender two separate infrastructure projects - open to both foreign and domestic investors - at the start of December 2013. The two projects involve the construction of the city's monorail, valued at IDR 6.42 trillion (USD $558.3 million), and the construction of a tramline, valued at IDR 2.41 trillion (USD $209.6 million). When finished, the two projects are expected to reduce traffic congestion in Surabaya, East Java's economic center.

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