Nasution expects the three aforementioned ministries to have completed the legal framework related to the previous six packages within a week. As such, the Chief Economics Minister believes that the seventh package can  be unveiled next week.

Previously it was reported that the government's seventh package will focus on two matters: (1) making the use of village funds - disbursed by the central government - more effective, and (2) improving logistics at the village level. Through this package people's purchasing power, especially at the village level, is strengthened.

Through the new package, central government funds are expected to be sent directly to the villages, instead of indirectly (through the 434 districts/cities) as is the case currently. Moreover, the villages will be encouraged to use the funds productively, for example by providing incentives to invest in local infrastructure.

Economic Stimulus Packages of the Indonesian Government:

Package Unveiled Main Points
1st 9 September • Boost industrial competitiveness through deregulation
• Curtail red tape
• Enhance law enforcement & business certainty
2nd 30 September • Interest rate tax cuts for exporters
• Speed up investment licensing for investment in industrial estates
• Relaxation import taxes on capital goods in industrial estates & aviation
3rd 7 October • Cut energy tariffs for labor-intensive industries
4th 15 October • Fixed formula to determine increases in labor wages
• Soft micro loans for >30 small & medium, export-oriented, labor-intensive businesses
5th 22 October • Tax incentive for asset revaluation
• Scrap double taxation on real estate investment trusts
• Deregulation in Islamic banking
6th 5 November • Tax incentives for investment in special economic zones
7th to be announced • Speed up transfers of funds to the village level
• Boost infrastructure development in the villages