Welcoming Berau Coal Energy, WCA CEO Benjamin Sporton said: "We are delighted to officially welcome Berau Coal Energy. Indonesia is the largest consumer of energy in Southeast Asia, accounting for more than 36 percent of the region's total energy demands and has a vast array of energy resources including abundant coal. Berau Coal Energy's membership reflects the importance of Indonesia to the global coal industry, and we look forward to working with Berau Coal Energy as they continue to build on the commitment to provide energy for the Indonesian people. We believe that by embracing modern coal technologies, Indonesia can enjoy the reliability, stability and affordability that on-grid power provides while at the same time addressing climate concerns by significantly reducing emissions"

Currently, Berau Coal Energy's biggest market is China, which accounts for about 44 percent of the company's total sales.

President Director of Berau Coal Energy, Fuganto Widjaja, noted that: "Berau is pleased to join the WCA. We look forward to tapping into the vast resources the WCA provides as we continue to strive to meet Indonesia's energy challenges, and continue to be one of Indonesia's most sustainable mining companies. Coal has an important role to play in Indonesia's energy mix - it is critical to our country's development. The World Coal Association plays a vital role in promoting the wider deployment of modern coal technologies which allow these much-needed coal resources to be used as cleanly as possible.

The WCA is the global network for the coal industry made up of major international coal producers.