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  • Indonesian Rupiah Analysis: Performance over the Past Week

    Over the past week the Indonesian rupiah depreciated 0.60 percent to IDR 12,941 per US dollar (Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate). At the start of the week the rupiah experienced severe pressure as market participants were concerned about Indonesia’s slowing economic growth. However, in the second half of the week, Indonesia’s currency somewhat improved as the US dollar was negatively affected by weak US economic data. Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the rupiah finished at IDR 12,922 per US dollar on Friday (24/04).

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  • Indonesian Rupiah versus US Dollar; Factors at Play

    In the past couple of days the US dollar regained its bullish momentum, strengthening against most other currencies including the Indonesian rupiah. The greenback had been under pressure after the Federal Reserve signalled - contrary to markets expectation - it would not raise the US interest rate environment too soon as the US economic growth outlook and US inflation were still not at the right level yet. This made emerging market assets more attractive for the short-term. However, this development seems to have been short-lived.

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  • Rupiah & Stocks Update Indonesia: Bullish US dollar Plagues Markets

    Indonesian stocks and the rupiah exchange rate are feeling the negative impact of the bullish US dollar on Monday (09/03) after stronger-than-expected US payrolls fuel expectation that the US Federal Reserve may start to raise its key interest rate in June. Moreover, last week Fed Chair Janet Yellen had already signalled to Congress that the US central bank may lessen its ‘patient stance’ on a looming interest rate hike. The benchmark Jakarta Composite Index fell 1.25 percent to 5,445.84 points on Monday’s first trading session (09/03).

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  • Analysis Indonesian Rupiah & Stocks: High Market Volatility

    Indonesian authorities continue their efforts to ease people’s concerns about the impact of a weak rupiah on the Indonesian economy. In fact, authorities emphasize that a weak rupiah will improve the country’s trade and current account balance as Indonesian exports become more competitive. Over the past week the rupiah depreciated about 1 percent against the US dollar. Since the start of 2015, Indonesia’s rupiah has tumbled 4.4 percent against the greenback, hence being one of the worst performing emerging Asian currencies this year

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  • What Impacts on the Indonesian Rupiah Today? Fed, China, Greece & Inflation

    After Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen indicated that the US central bank will be patient in raising the interest rate environment in the world’s largest economy, Indonesian assets gained on Wednesday (25/02). Both the benchmark Jakarta Composite Index and rupiah exchange rate strengthened 0.51 percent yesterday. Apart from increased speculation that the Fed will not raise interest rates before summer, expectation that Greece will avoid a disastrous default brought more positive market sentiments.

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  • Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah: No ‘Grexit’? Emerging Market Assets Gain

    The benchmark stock index of Indonesia (Jakarta Composite Index) edged higher on Monday (23/02) to set another all-time record high supported by foreign investors’ net buying (IDR 708.2 billion), optimism that Greece will not default on its debt or exit from the Eurozone, and on gaining Southeast Asian stock markets (while markets in China were still closed due to Chinese New Year). Meanwhile, the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate depreciated 0.09 percent to IDR 12,836 per US dollar according to the Bloomberg Dollar Index.

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  • Why are Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Flat on Tuesday?

    In line with most Southeast Asian stock markets and currencies, Indonesian stocks and the rupiah were rather flat with a tendency to weaken slightly on Tuesday (17/02). Most investors seem to avoid trading in this short trading week (On Thursday 19 February markets will be closed due to Chinese New Year celebrations). Moreover, market participants in Indonesia are waiting for the central bank’s interest rate decision later today. Lastly, failed talks between Greece and its creditors on Monday dented sentiment across Asia.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Depreciates Sharply on Greek Default Concern

    The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate is depreciating sharply on Thursday (12/02). By 12:10 pm local Jakarta timezone, the currency had fallen 1.11 percent to IDR 12,865 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Market participants have become increasingly concerned about a Greek default or exit from the Eurozone and react by selling emerging market assets in search of safe havens such as the US dollar. Yesterday (11/02), the Eurozone’s finance ministers could not reach agreement on the Greek debt situation.

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  • Greek Legislative Election Drags down Indonesian Stocks & Currency

    Indonesian stocks and rupiah exchange rate weakened significantly at the start of the new week amid profit taking and political uncertainties in the Eurozone as Greece’s anti austerity party Syriza posts a clear victory in the country’s legislative election (although failing to obtain an absolute majority). The benchmark stock index of Indonesia fell 1.90 percent in the first trading session on Monday (26/01), while the rupiah had depreciated 0.60 percent to IDR 12,534 per US dollar at noon (Bloomberg Dollar Index).

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  • Rupiah Exchange Rate Update Indonesia: Stronger on Fed Minutes

    The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate appreciated against the US dollar on Thursday (08/01) amid mostly strengthening Asian equity and currency markets as a number of positive market sentiments arose (specifically the release of the Federal Reserve’s December minutes). According to the Bloomberg Dollar Index, Indonesia’s rupiah appreciated 0.48 percent to IDR 12,674 per US dollar. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s benchmark Jakarta Composite (stock) Index was up 0.25 percent (5,221.89 points) at the end of today’s trading day.

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  • Another Day of Losses for Indonesia's Main Stock Index (IHSG)

    On Friday's trading day (21/06), Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) was still under the spell of the unrest that emerged because of Ben Bernanke's announcement of a possible stop to the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program in 2014. Moreover, weak manufacturing data from China also continued to cause negative market sentiments. The IHSG fell 2.48 percent to 4,515.37, its lowest closing since 11 February 2013. Foreign investors sold about USD $228 million more stocks than they bought.

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