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  • Subscriber Update Indonesia: COVID-19 Recession Persists in Q4-2020

    On 5 February 2021, Indonesia’s Statistical Agency (Badan Pusat Statistik, or BPS) announced that gross domestic product (GDP) of Southeast Asia’s largest economy contracted 2.19 percent year-on-year (y/y) in the fourth quarter of 2020. This was less severe compared to Indonesia Investments’ outlook of -2.50 percent (y/y).

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  • Indonesia Investments' Subscriber Update - Indonesia Enters Recession

    On Thursday 5 November 2020 Indonesia’s Statistical Agency (Badan Pusat Statistik, BPS) announced that Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) contracted 3.49 percent year-on-year (y/y) in the third quarter of 2020. This pace of economic contraction in Q3-2020 was slightly more severe than we had predicted. Indonesia Investments had its outlook for Indonesia’s Q3-2020 economic growth at the range of -3.0 to -2.5 percent (y/y).

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  • Economy of Indonesia Enters Recession: GDP Contracts 3.49% in Q3-2020

    As expected, the Indonesian economy entered a recession in the third quarter of 2020. On Thursday (05.11.2020), Indonesia's Statistical Agency (BPS) announced that Q3-2020 gross domestic product (GDP) growth contracted by 3.49 percent year-on-year (y/y), which makes it the second consecutive quarter of negative growth. 

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  • Economic Update: Indonesian Policymakers Finally Become Realistic in Terms of 2020 Outlooks

    It took a while – in fact a couple of months – but the Indonesian government has now finally become realistic about its forecast for economic growth in (the remainder of) 2020. Obviously, it had no other option after the country’s Q2-2020 gross domestic product (GDP) data had been released in August. These data showed a 5.32 percent year-on-year (y/y) contraction for Southeast Asia’s largest economy in Q2-2020.

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  • Economy of Indonesia Under Pressure: GDP Growth at 2.97% in Q1-2020

    Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released its Q1-2020 gross domestic product (GDP) data for Indonesia on Tuesday (5 May 2020). According to the agency, the Indonesian economy expanded by 2.97 percent year-on-year (y/y) in the first quarter of 2020. The result is well below forecasts, and considering the real impact of the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) on the Indonesian economy is to occur in the second quarter, we expect to see a deep red number in Q2-2020 (possibly extending into the following quarter).

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  • Economy of Indonesia; Latest World Bank Report Makes Indonesians Fear a Looming Recession

    In early September 2019 the World Bank released a report titled Global Economic Risks and Implications for Indonesia that paints a somewhat negative picture of Indonesia’s economic growth in the foreseeable future. The Washington-based institution noted that it expects Indonesia’s economic expansion to continue slowing up to (at least) 2022; from a realized growth pace of 5.2 percent year-on-year (y/y) in 2018 to 4.6 percent (y/y) in 2022.

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