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  • Trade Balance of Indonesia Swings Back into a Surplus in October 2019

    Indonesia’s trade balance swung back into a surplus in October 2019. Statistics Indonesia (BPS), which released the country’s latest trade data on 15 November 2019, reported a USD $161 million trade surplus for Indonesia in October. It is an improvement from the USD $164 million trade deficit the country had experienced in the preceding month, and a huge improvement from the USD $1.76 billion trade deficit in the same month one year earlier (October 2018).

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  • Trade Balance of Indonesia Swings Back into Deficit in July 2019

    Indonesia’s trade balance swung back into a deficit in July 2019 as the country’s exports could not compensate for its imports. However, at USD $63 million, the monthly deficit is not too big (compared to the USD $2.3 billion and USD $1.1 billion deficits that were recorded in April and January, respectively).

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  • Monetary Policy Central Bank: Bank Indonesia's Decisions at the June Meeting

    In line with expectations, the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) decided to leave its benchmark interest rate – the BI 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate – unchanged at 6.00 percent, while also maintaining its deposit facility and lending facility rates at 5.25 percent and 6.75 percent, respectively, at the two-day monthly monetary policy meeting that was held on 19 and 20 June 2019.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: Second Consecutive Monthly Surplus in March

    It was a welcome surprise to see Indonesia recording a trade surplus of USD $540.2 million in March 2019, extending the monthly trade surplus to two (straight) months, which is something we had not seen in more than a year. However, when we take a look at the first quarter of 2019, then Indonesia’s overall trade balance still shows a deficit of USD $193.4 million.

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  • Current Account Remains Indonesia's Achilles' Heel; Trade Balance Concerns Persist

    Indonesia’s current account deficit widened to USD $31.1 billion, equivalent to 2.98 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), in full-year 2018. It is a big deterioration compared to the USD $17.29 billion deficit (1.7 percent of GDP) in the preceding year. It means the current account balance remains the Achilles’ heel of the Indonesian economy, one that – potentially - triggers rapid and large capital outflows in times of global economic turmoil.

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  • Plans to Raise Import Tax for Certain Goods Meets Resistance

    The Indonesian government is planning to impose measures in order to curtail imports into Indonesia (in an effort to improve the trade balance, current account balance, and strengthen the rupiah exchange rate). One measure that is currently being prepared by the Finance Ministry is higher import tariffs for certain goods. Another measure that is being studied is reducing the number of entrance points for imports.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: Big Monthly Trade Deficit in July 2018

    Adding more pressures onto the rupiah, Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Wednesday (15/08) that the country's trade balance deteriorated significantly. In July 2018 Indonesia had a USD $2.03 billion trade deficit, much bigger than had been expected by analysts (and constituting the widest monthly trade deficit in the past five years). The latest deficit was particularly attributed to rapidly rising imports into Southeast Asia's largest economy.

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  • Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa Says Government Won't Join a Currency War

    Recent concerns about a global currency war, which is considered to threaten worldwide economic and financial stability, has prompted Indonesia's Economic minister Hatta Rajasa to ensure that Indonesia will not participate in such a tactic. The Central Bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) has in fact been selling US dollars to support the IDR rupiah, which has been under growing pressure lately due to Indonesia's current account deficit and the risk of capital outflows.

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