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  • Indonesian Rupiah Exchange Update: Depreciating on Strong US Dollar

    Contrary to the positive performance of the benchmark stock index of Indonesia on Monday’s trading day (01/09) and despite positive domestic economic data released by Statistics Indonesia, the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate depreciated 0.22 percent to IDR 11,716 per US dollar based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index on Monday (01/09). The main reason for the currency’s depreciation is the strengthening US dollar as US economic data are improving and inflation is slowing in the Eurozone.

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  • Indonesian Stocks Down on Profit Taking; Rupiah Up on Court Decision

    The benchmark stock index of Indonesia (Jakarta Composite Index, abbreviated IHSG) fell 0.14 percent to 5,198.90 points on the last trading day of the week, the first day of decline in five trading days, as investors engaged in profit taking after Indonesia’s Constitutional Court confirmed the official election result of the General Elections Commission (KPU) that announced Joko Widodo as winner of the July 2014 presidential election. Next week investors may continue profit taking as the index is still overbought.

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  • Rupiah Exchange Rate Depreciates as Investors Await Election Result

    The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate depreciated 0.67 percent to IDR 11,665 per US dollar on Monday (14/07) according to the Bloomberg Dollar Index. Meanwhile, the benchmark stock exchange of Indonesia (Jakarta Composite Index) declined 0.23 percent to 5,021.06 points. The main reason for weakening markets in Indonesia is investors’ wait & see attitude ahead of the official result of Indonesia’s presidential election. On 22 July 2014, the General Elections Commission (KPU) will announce the winner of the election.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Update: Depreciating 0.46% on US Economic Data

    The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate continued its recent depreciating trend on Wednesday (28/05). According to the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the currency had depreciated 0.46 percent to IDR 11,633 against the US dollar at the end of the trading day. The rupiah's performance is in line with the general trend in Asia where most currencies lost ground to the greenback on today's trading day. As various US economic data indicate a continued recovery of the US economy, the market expects more US monetary tightening.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Exchange Rate Update: Appreciating on Economic Data

    At the end of Friday’s trading day (02/05), the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate appreciated 0.32 percent to IDR 11,525 per US dollar based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index. The rupiah performed better than most of its regional emerging peers as inflation and trade data, which were released today by Statistics Indonesia, provided positive market sentiments. Indonesian inflation eased to 7.25 percent (year-on-year) in April 2014, from 7.32 percent a month earlier. Meanwhile, the country posted a trade surplus of USD $673 million in March 2014.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Exchange Rate Down on Current Account Troubles

    Due to a lack of positive domestic and external sentiments, the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate has depreciated to a six-week low against the US dollar. Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, Indonesia's currency declined 0.66 percent to IDR 11,521 per US dollar by 16:22 local Jakarta time. In fact, several negative domestic sentiments are the reason behind the current depreciation. Firstly, revived concerns about Indonesia's current account deficit and, secondly, concerns about capital outflows due to dividend payments.

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  • Profit Taking after Long Rally Causes Indonesian Stocks to Decline 10%

    After having recorded a five-day winning streak, Indonesia's benchmark stock index (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) fell 0.10 percent to 4,892.29 points on Monday (21/04). The forming of a doji star and limited movement of the IHSG (due to reduced buying volume) implied that - without the publication of good news triggering positive market sentiments - the index would decline. Today's depreciation of the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate and mixed Asian indices were reasons for investors to engage in profit taking.

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  • Small Gain for Indonesian Stocks despite Weak China GDP Growth

    Indonesia's benchmark stock index (known as the IHSG or Jakarta Composite Index) posted another small gain on Wednesday (16/04), thus extending its winning streak to four days. The index gained 0.06 percent to 4,873.01 points. Despite slowing GDP growth in China, a depreciating rupiah exchange rate (responding to slightly higher US chain store sales and expected higher US building permits as well as US manufacturing production) and foreign investors recording a net sell, the index stayed in the green zone.

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  • Most Emerging Asian Currencies Down on China's Slowing GDP Growth

    The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate moved within limited range on Wednesday. Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the currency depreciated 0.07 percent to IDR 11,436 per US dollar. Since Thursday (10/04), the rupiah has had to cope with pressures as Indonesia's legislative election was unable to provide political certainty. On the other hand, the country's improved economic fundamentals - easing inflation and the narrowing current account deficit - have resulted in capital inflows, thus supporting the rupiah.

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  • Despite Profit Taking, Jakarta Composite Index Up on Tuesday

    After several days of strong performance, Indonesia's benchmark stock index (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) felt the impact of profit taking on Tuesday (16/04). As a consquence, the IHSG's upward movement was limited and unable to completely close the gap at 4,829-4,906. At the start of the trading day, the index opened positively, but during the day - when a number of Asian indices were down - the IHSG's performance was curbed. Indonesia's benchmark index gained 0.11 percent to 4,870.21 points.

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