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  • Indonesian Rupiah Weakens Beyond IDR 13,800 per US Dollar Level

    Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index the value of the Indonesian rupiah weakened 0.41 percent to IDR 13,816 per US dollar on Thursday (08/03), the currency's weakest position since January 2016, ahead of the release of US non-farm payrolls and US employment data due on Friday (09/03). These data are expected to be strong and therefore pave the way for another Fed Funds Rate hike in March 2018.

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  • Rupiah Expected to Strengthen after Trump Imposes Steel Tariffs

    The Indonesian rupiah has been under heavy pressure over the past month amid US dollar strength ahead of the March Federal Reserve policy meeting where market participants expect to see another interest rate hike. The rupiah weakened 2.92 percent from IDR 13,402 per US dollar on 1 February 2018 to IDR 13,793 on 1 March 2018. Not only the rupiah but basically currencies have been sliding against the US dollar that touched a six-week high earlier in the week.

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  • Currency of Indonesia Update: Rupiah Feels Impact of Powell Speech

    Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index the Indonesian rupiah depreciated 0.53 percent to IDR 13,751 per US dollar on Wednesday (28/02), the weakest level against the greenback in slightly over two years. The weakening of the rupiah is in line with the performance of most other currencies as the US dollar is at a three-week high after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell struck a hawkish tone in his first congressional testimony.

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  • Stock Market & Rupiah Update Indonesia: Thursday 25 January

    Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index fell 0.002 percent to 6,615.33 points on Thursday (25/01), almost unchanged from Wednesday's close. The performance of stocks was quite volatile across the Asian region. While benchmark indexes in the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea rose sharply, those in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea saw steep declines. Indonesia's performance was in between the two extremes.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah May Weaken Ahead of Looming Fed Rate Hike

    Approaching the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting - scheduled for 12-13 December 2017 - the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate remained stable on Monday (11/12). By 15:00 pm local Jakarta time, the rupiah had strengthened 0.01 percent to IDR 13,548 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). However, several analysts warn that the rupiah is likely to depreciate if the US Federal Reserve will indeed raise its benchmark interest rate.

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  • Rupiah Exchange Rate Indonesia to Remain Under Pressure

    As we are in the middle of the fourth quarter of 2017, we detect rising pressures on the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate amid broad US dollar strength. However, the decision of Indonesia's central bank to leave its interest rate regime unchanged at the November meeting managed to give some support to the rupiah (as well as Indonesia's improving balance of payments, current account deficit, and capital and financial account).

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  • Stock Market & Currency Indonesia: Strong Performance on Friday

    Indonesian shares and the rupiah strengthened considerably on the last trading day of the week. On Friday (29/09) Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index surged 1.02 percent to 5,900.85 points, outperforming all other national benchmark indices in the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, the Indonesian rupiah appreciated 0.32 percent to IDR 13,472 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index).

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  • Currency of Indonesia: Rupiah Resumes Weakening Against US Dollar

    Investors are again in search of safe haven assets on Wednesday (27/09), hence most emerging market currencies, including Indonesia's rupiah exchange rate, are weakening against the US dollar. Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the rupiah had depreciated 0.28 percent to IDR 13,412 per US dollar by 14:45 am local Jakarta time. Yesterday, the rupiah had already weakened 0.37 percent against the greenback.

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  • Foreign Exchange Reserves of Indonesia Rose in August 2017

    Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) said the nation's foreign exchange reserves rose to USD $128.8 billion at the end of August 2017, higher than the USD $127.8 billion one month earlier. This growth was primarily attributed to foreign exchange receipts from tax revenues and government oil & gas export proceeds, as well as auctions of Bank Indonesia's foreign exchange bills.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Appreciating Markedly on US Dollar Weakness

    Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the Indonesian rupiah had appreciated 0.65 percent to IDR 13,221 per US dollar by 10:30 am local Jakarta time on Friday morning (08/09), extending Thursday's gains when the rupiah strengthened 0.20 percent against the greenback. What explains this strong rupiah performance?

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