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  • Indonesia Stock Market Update: Asia's Stocks in the Red, Global Selloff

    Stocks and currencies across Asia are under heavy pressure on Thursday (07/01) after China's central bank set its yuan rate 0.51 percent lower (at 6,5646 per US dollar). As a result, Chinese shares plunged over 7 percent (triggering the new circuit-breaking mechanism - for the second day this week - 30 minutes after trading opened today). Asian shares are also weak due to big losses in Europe and on Wall Street overnight. Markets reacted to the oil price that slid to a more-than-seven-year low at USD $33.97 per barrel.

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  • Contrary to Asian Trend Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Rebound

    Although most stock markets in Asia were still in red territory, extending Monday's plunge, Indonesian stocks and the rupiah managed to rebound on Tuesday (05/01). Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index rose 0.70 percent to 4,557.82 points. Meanwhile, the Indonesian rupiah appreciated 0.37 percent to IDR 13,892 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). What happened on today's trading day and what explains the deviation between Indonesian assets and the general Asian trend?

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  • Why Did Indonesian Stocks and Rupiah Weaken Today?

    Contrary to expectations, Indonesian stocks and the rupiah had a weak start of the new year. On Monday (04/01) Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index fell 1.46 percent to 4,525.92 points, while the Indonesian rupiah depreciated 0.82 percent to IDR 13,943 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). The performance of Indonesian stocks is in line with the performance of stocks around the globe. In China stock trading was even halted twice due to its plunging index. What happened today?

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  • Indonesia Stock Market Update: Asian Markets down after Paris Terrorist Attacks

    On the first trading day after the terrorist attacks in Paris (leaving 129 people dead and hundreds injured), stocks declined in Asia as investors are cautious. Although markets had one weekend to digest the news, it is still expected that the tragedy in Paris will cause a sharp yet short-term impact on global equity markets. Apart from terrorism, volatile oil prices as well as concern about China's economy and uncertainty about the timing of a US interest rate hike continue to plague markets.

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  • Global Markets Selloff Deepens: Indonesia's Rupiah and Stocks Plunge

    Indonesia's benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index) was down over 2 percent, touching a three-year low, while the rupiah weakened beyond the IDR 14,800 per US dollar level (Bloomberg Dollar Index) around 09:00 am local Jakarta time on Tuesday (29/09) as the global selloff persists. Investors are concerned about the economic conditions of China and the world, low commodity prices, while anticipating a Fed Fund Rate hike.

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  • Why Indonesia’s Jakarta Composite Index Rebounds on Tuesday?

    Most analysts expected that Indonesia’s benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index) would be plagued by another selloff on Tuesday (25/08) as the major stock indices in the USA and Europe plunged yesterday, while commodity prices hit new lows (crude oil fell below USD $40 per barrel for the first time since 2009). Moreover, Shanghai and Japan opened in the red. However, reality proves differently. Around 11:25 am local Jakarta time the Jakarta Composite Index was up 1.77 percent to 4,237.28 points.

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  • Indonesia Stock Market Update: Extending Losses on Tuesday

    Immediately after trading opened on Tuesday morning - and in line with the performance of most other Asian stock indices - Indonesian stocks extended their losses. By 10:53 am local Jakarta time, the benchmark Jakarta Composite Index had fallen 1.07 percent to 4,720.33 points, its lowest level since April 2014. The primary reason why markets have tumbled across the globe is the severe drop in the Chinese market. Yesterday, China’s Shanghai Composite Index tumbled a staggering 8.48 percent.

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