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  • Benchmark Coal Price of Indonesia Near Six-Year High in March 2018

    Indonesia's benchmark thermal coal price (Harga Batubara Acuan, or HBA) touched a multi-year high in March 2018. The HBA, which is determined by Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry on a monthly basis (and which is based on several global and domestic indexes), rose 1.2 percent month-on-month (m/m) to USD $101.86 per metric ton in March 2018, its highest position since May 2012.

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  • Bilateral Cooperation: Enhancing Trade between Indonesia & India

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Taj Diplomatic Enclave Hotel in New Delhi, India, on Thursday (25/01). During the meeting Widodo - often nicknamed Jokowi - expressed the importance of enhancing economic cooperation between Indonesia and India, two big emerging market forces in the world.

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  • India's Latest Palm Oil Import Policies to Impact on Indonesia?

    India's decision to double import duties on crude palm oil (CPO) from 7.5 percent to 15 percent earlier this month should have a big impact (India being the world's largest palm oil importer). The move is an effort to protect domestic palm oil farmers. India also raised the levy on refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) palm olein by 10 percent to 25 percent.

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  • Bilateral Trade Relations Indonesia: Widodo Visits India & Iran

    During his state visit to India, Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed three memoranda of understanding. Widodo is on a three-day visit to India (12-13 December) and Iran (14 December) to meet political and corporate leaders and to enhance business and trade relations with the two countries. Indonesia's seventh president is accompanied by Darmin Nasution (Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs), Pratikno (State Secretary), and Thomas Lembong (Chairman of the Investment Coordinating Board, or BKPM).

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  • Coal Production Indonesia Expected to Fall in 2016 & 2017

    There will not be a rebound in the coal industry anytime soon. Indonesia, one of the world's leading (thermal) coal producers and exporters, says the nation's coal output will continue to decline in 2016 and 2017. This continued decline in production is caused by the decision of smaller miners to cease production amid the globe's low coal prices that touched a decade-low earlier this year. There should occur a positive side-effect, however, if miners indeed cut their output and that is upward support for coal prices.

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  • Demand for Indonesian Crude Palm Oil Fell in January 2016

    Again, crude palm oil (CPO) shipments from Indonesia - the world's largest CPO producer and exporter - declined. Based on the latest data from the Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (Gapki), palm oil exports from Indonesia fell 16 percent on a month-on-month (m/m) basis to 2.1 million tons in January 2016. This decline was mainly caused by falling palm oil demand from the key export countries China and India.

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  • India Boosts Domestic Coal Production: Pressure on Coal Prices

    Trouble for Indonesian coal miners will not end soon as India - one of the world's leading coal consumers - is eager to boost domestic production of coal thus reducing the need for coal imports. This has given additional downward pressure on global coal prices. Over the past 11 months Indonesia's benchmark thermal coal price (Harga Batubara Acuan, or HBA), a monthly reference price set by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, has been on a streak of continuously falling prices. The February 2016 rate was set at USD $50.92 per ton, a far cry from USD $111.58 per ton in February 2012.

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  • Coal Industry Indonesia Update: No End to Slumping Coal Prices

    There remains little hope to see rebounding coal prices soon. Indonesia's benchmark thermal coal price (Harga Batubara Acuan, or HBA), a monthly price set by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, fell another 4.29 percent month-to-month (m/m) to a new record low of USD $50.92 per metric ton (FOB) in February 2016 from USD $53.20 in the preceding month. Coal prices have difficulty to rise amid low crude oil and gas prices, while renewable energy sources are gaining popularity. Meanwhile, demand from China and India for Indonesian coal is falling.

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  • Few Reasons to Get Excited about the Coal Mining Industry

    The global coal industry is still plagued by pessimistic sentiment. Not only has the global supply glut in combination with sluggish global economic growth put serious pressure on coal prices (while China introduced stricter coal quality tests on thermal coal imports), but most countries are also placing more emphasize on cleaner energy sources, which further curtail demand for coal. Coal prices are currently heading for a decade-low with January 2016 coal futures now at USD $52.55 per metric ton on the ICE Futures Exchange.

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  • Palm Oil Indonesia: Output & Reserves up, Export down on Higher Tax India

    There is limited to no room for palm oil prices to rise in the remainder of 2015 as crude palm oil (CPO) reserves have climbed while exports are down. CPO production in Indonesia, the world’s largest producer and exporter of this commodity, may have hit the one-year high of 3.20 million tons in August (from 2.86 million tons one month earlier) as trees reached their peak production period. Meanwhile, India introduced higher taxes for overseas purchases of palm oil in order to protect domestic growers.

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Latest Columns India

  • Despite Global Positive Stock Indices, Indonesia's IHSG Continues its Fall

    Indonesia Stock Exchange IHSG 2013 Analysis Indonesia Investments

    Despite strong American and European indices (which impacted positively on most Asian stock indices), Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) continued its two-day weakening trend. Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade Indonesia's BB+ credit rating outlook from positive to stable was a major reason for foreign investors to start selling their Indonesian assets. At the end of Friday's trading day (03/05/13), the index stood at 4,925.48, an 1.37 percent fall.

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  • Amid Mixed Markets the Indonesia Stock Index Gains 1.04 Percent

    Most of us expected the Jakarta composite index (IHSG) to weaken on Tuesday 16 April 2013 amid mixed Asian stock indices and significantly weakened American and European indices on Monday (that responded to reports about both China's slowing economic growth and weak economic figures of America). Moreover, bomb explosions at the finish line of the marathon of Boston were expected to complicate the performance of the IHSG. But concerns turned out in vain.

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  • Forecasts for Indonesia's Coal Output and Export are Revised up for 2013

    The chairman of the Indonesia Coal Mining Association said that Indonesia's coal exports are expected to increase from 310 million tons in 2012 to 330 million tons in 2013, a 6.5 percent increase. Coal producers have been facing a tough period since July 2008 when global coal demand weakened and triggered volatile - but mostly declining - coal prices ever since. Coal demand from China and India, however, is expected to increase this year.

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