The Pullman Jakarta Central Park is a 5-star hotel that received various awards such as in the category of the Best Business Hotel in Indonesia by Hospitality Investment World 2013, Best New Hotel Construction and Design for Indonesia at the Asia-Pacific International Hotel Awards 2012-2013, and the Platinum Winner of the prestigious A’ Design Award in the Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Category in the 2012-2013 period. The hotel is conveniently located next to one of Jakarta's bussiest malls, Central Park Mall (which is located next to another well-known mall Taman Anggrek). However, due to severe traffic jams it can take more than one hour to reach Jakarta's Central Business District where most companies' headquarters are located. But for those that need to spend more of their time in West Jakarta, the Pullman is a good option to stay and/or eat.

The restaurant Collage is located on the first floor of the hotel. When entering the restaurant, two staff members immediately welcomed us and informed about the two options that Collage offers to its guests: the a-la carte menu (lunch and dinner) or the all-you-can-eat buffet (dinner only). Both options contain various cuisines: Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes. This evening we decided to choose Indonesian and Japanese dishes from the a-la carte menu: nasi bakar majapahit and modena sashimi. The former is a traditional Indonesian dish that consists of grilled rice with vegetables and braised beef, wrapped in banana leaves, while the latter consists mainly of salmon and tuna fish. Although the nasi bakar majapahit did not smell the same as the dish normally does (and thus made us sceptic), the taste was rich and exactly like the traditional dish. Similarly, the salmon and tuna fish met our expectation.

The interior of the restaurant is modern and crystal clean but did lack of touch of coziness that can be found in other restaurants. The service of the staff is - as can be expected in a 5-star hotel - perfect.

Collage at Pullman Jakarta:

Food         9.0
Ambiance         7.5
Service         9.0
Location         6.0
Total         7.9

Indicative price for a complete dinner at Collage Pullman (one adult, including one drink):

all-you-can-eat buffet IDR 400,000 (USD $33)
a-la carte menu IDR 275,000 (USD $23)