Adaro Energy, the second-largest thermal coal producer in Indonesia, rose by a spectacular 18.46 percent.

The ten largest Indonesian companies by market capitalization (which are the most popular stocks among foreign investors) had to face major losses on Monday (12/08), except for Bank Rakyat Indonesia (+0.61 percent). The biggest losers were consumer goods producer Unilever Indonesia (-4.61 percent) and tobacco manufacturer Gudang Garam (-4.08 percent). Recent higher inflation has impacted on people's purchasing power.

Most Asian markets were up on Monday (12/08) after the publication of last week's positive data in China (July's factory output grew at its fastest pace in 2013 and Chinese new bank loans as well as money supply was higher than expected). The notable exception being Japan's Nikkei index that fell to a six-week low after the release of the country's lower than expected Q2 GDP growth rate (2.6 percent YoY).