Energy stocks made Asian stock indices fall on Tuesday (26/11), while the typhoon in the Philippines and nearby surroundings contributed to negative market sentiments. The typhoon is estimated to weaken the economy thus causing this year's growth targets not to be met. Lastly, the appreciating Japanese Yen made a negative impact as it resulted in falling automotive and electronics stocks in Japan (a stronger Yen is negative for Japanese exporters). 

Although the US Dollar weakened against the Yen after a number of high officials of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) expressed their concerns about the strength of Japan's economy, the Indonesia rupiah exchange rate still continued its weakening trend. Main reason for today's rupiah depreciation was the Indonesian government's US dollar-denominated bond auction on Monday (25/11). The government targeted to raise USD $450 million. However, amid an uncertain market, it only raised USD $190 million.

| Source: Bank Indonesia