The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate, however, appreciated against the US dollar as speculation emerged that economic data of the USA, which has not been released due to the country's shutdown, is not too positive. This subsequently increases expectation that the Federal Reserve will not alter its monthly massive USD $85 billion bond-buying program (quantitative easing), and thus resulted in a depreciating US dollar.

| Source: Bank Indonesia

Asian stocks were generally down on Tuesday (22/10) due to the influence of mixed indices on Wall Street on the previous day. Investors in Asia seem to be waiting for US economic data first before deciding to purchase Asian stocks. Another factor that impacted negatively on Asian markets were weak financial results (Q3-2013) of a number of companies, which include China Mobile Ltd and Shinhan Financial Group Co. Those weak earnings reports even offset the positive message that was conveyed in the financial data release of BHP Biliton Ltd, which was above expectation.