Last week, it was reported by Statistics Indonesia that the country’s trade balance had recorded a surplus of USD $69.9 million in May 2014, improving markedly from a disappointing USD $1.97 billion deficit in the previous month. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s oil & gas trade balance recovered to an USD $70 million surplus from a USD $1.96 billion deficit in April 2014. Trade data for the month of June will be released at the start of August.

At the current level of USD $107.7 billion, the foreign exchange reserves can finance Indonesia’s imports and debt payments for six months, which is double the minimum level of the global standard of three months.

Indonesia's Foreign Exchange Reserves 2008-2014:

     2008    2009
   2010    2011    2012    2013    2014²
Foreign Exchange
   51.6    66.1    96.2   110.1   112.8     99.4    107.7

¹ in billion US dollar
² at end June 2014
Source: Bank Indonesia