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Berita Hari Ini Jakarta Composite Index

  • Update Pasar Saham & Rupiah Indonesia: Menjelang Rapat Fed, Saham Asia Melemah

    Bursa saham di Asia mengalami cuaca buruk karena para investor menarik dana dari pasar negara-negara berkembang. Pada pukul 11:25 WIB, Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) Indonesia telah jatuh 1,11% menjadi 4.344,69 poin, sementara rupiah telah melemah 0,54% menjadi Rp 14.068 per dollar Amerika Serikat (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Para investor mencari aset yang (lebih) aman haven karena Federal Reserve diperkirakan akan menaikkan Fed Fund Rate (untuk pertama kalinya dalam hampir satu dekade) pada pertemuan Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) berikutnya (dijadwalkan pada 15-16 Desember).

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  • Indonesia Investments Menerbitkan Newsletter Edisi 13 Desember 2015

    Pada 13 Desember 2015, Indonesia Investments menerbitkan edisi terbaru dari newsletter-nya. Newsletter gratis ini, yang dikirimkan kepada para pelanggan kami sekali seminggu, berisi berita-berita paling penting dari Indonesia yang telah dilaporkan di website kami selama tujuh hari terakhir. Kebanyakan topik berkaitan dengan isu-isu ekonomi seperti update performa saham dan rupiah Indonesia, ketidaksetaraan pendapatan, defisit anggaran, penawaran saham perdana di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI), dan juga topik-topik politis seperti pemilihan daerah.

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  • Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Weaken Ahead of Fed Fund Rate Decision

    On the last trading day of the week, Indonesian stocks plunged 1.63 percent to 4,393.52 points, while the rupiah depreciated 0.22 percent to IDR 13,984 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Most Asian indices were weaker as investors are bracing for - most likely - the first Fed Fund Rate hike in nearly a decade. On 15-16 December the US Federal Reserve will hold a crucial policy meeting. Tighter monetary policy in the USA leads to capital outflows from Indonesia as the country is regarded particularly vulnerable to such a move.

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  • Indonesia Stock Market & Rupiah Update: What Happened Today?

    Asian stock indices - including Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index which reopened after a market holiday - were mostly in red territory on Thursday (10/12) as investors are cautious ahead of the looming US interest rate hike, expected to be decided upon at the Federal Reserve's next policy meeting (15-16 December), as well as low oil prices and falling US stocks overnight. Moreover, the central bank of China allowed its yuan to depreciate further (to a near four-month low), hence resulting in the resurgence of some fears of a currency war in Asia.

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  • IPOs on the Indonesia Stock Exchange Disappointing in 2015, Better in 2016?

    Today, Indonesian integrated fishery, marine product processing and cold storage company Dua Putra Utama Makmur will be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), hence becoming the 13th company to have conducted an initial public offering (IPO) on the IDX this year. Previously it was reported that the IPO of Dua Putra Utama Makmur was oversubscribed 1.5 times, reflecting robust demand. Overall, however, the number of IPOs on the IDX has been disappointing in 2015. Next year is expected to be a better year.

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  • Indonesia Stock Market & Rupiah Update: China & Fed Hike in Focus

    Indonesian stocks and the rupiah weakened on Monday morning (30/11). Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) was down 0.84 percent to 4,522.09 points, while the Indonesian rupiah had depreciated 0.21 percent to IDR 13,830 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index) by 11:15 am local Jakarta time. Negative sentiments still stem from China and the looming Fed Fund Rate hike in December, while there are few to none domestic sentiments that can support the nation's assets.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange: Share Trading Golden Eagle Energy Suspended

    The trading of shares of Indonesian coal miner Golden Eagle Energy has been suspended for the second time this month by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Wednesday (25/11) after the company's share price plunged nearly 76 percent since 2 November 2015. Irvan Susandy, Chief of Transaction Supervision at the IDX, said share trading had to be suspended as Golden Eagle Energy, a subsidiary of Rajawali Corpora, has not provided any information to the IDX that could explain its recent stock performance.

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  • Update Minimum Free Float Requirement Indonesia Stock Exchange

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will give time until 31 January 2016 for the remaining 18 publicly-listed companies that have not yet complied with the new minimum free float requirement that aims to increase liquidity in the stock market. In January 2014, the IDX announced it designed a new rule that forces all listed companies on the IDX to have a minimum free float of 7.5 percent. Samsul Hidayat, Director of Corporate Listing at the IDX, said these 18 companies are currently studying whether to conduct a rights issue or a stock split in order to raise their free float.

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  • Indonesia Stock Market & Rupiah Update: Strong Dollar, Falling Commodities

    Due to heightened expectation of a US interest rate hike in December, the US dollar was pushed to a seven-month high today. As a consequence, the rupiah depreciated 0.73 percent to IDR 13,722 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Moreover, the strong US dollar impacted negatively on commodity prices. Many commodity prices, including oil, copper and nickel plunged severely on today's trading day. For key commodity producers, which include Indonesia, falling commodity prices put pressure on assets.

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  • Pasar Saham & Rupiah Indonesia: Kuat karena Kepastian Lebih Jelas tentang Fed Rate

    Aset-aset Indonesia ditutup dengan kuat pada hari Jumat (20/11). Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) dan rupiah sama-sama menguat secara signifikan karena meningkatnya kejelasan mengenai kenaikan suku bunga Amerika Serikat (AS), sementara Republik Rakyat Tiongkok (RRT) mengumumkan bahwa Pemerintah RRT akan mengimplementasikan lebih banyak usaha untuk mendorong pertumbuhan ekonomi, karenanya menguatkan nilai tukar yuan (mendukung penguatan nilai mata uang di negara-negara berkembang di Asia). IHSG naik 0,94% menjadi 4.561,33 poin, sementara rupiah menguat 1,10% menjadi Rp 13.623 per dollar AS (Bloomberg Dollar Index).

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Artikel Terbaru Jakarta Composite Index

  • Despite Less Rosy Sentiments, Jakarta Composite Index Remains Strong

    Despite being - technically - overbought, the Jakarta Composite Index (Indonesia's benchmark stock index also known as the IHSG) continued its upward trend on Wednesday (19/02). Moreover, as market sentiments have turned less positive due to data from Europe and the USA (causing European and American indices to slow down) as well as a depreciating rupiah exchange rate, there was a sincere risk of a weakening IHSG today. However, contrary to our expectations, the IHSG rose 0.80 percent to 4,592.65 points.

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  • Gain of Jakarta Composite Index Limited due to Mixed Sentiments

    Gain of Jakarta Composite Index Limited due to Mixed Sentiments

    As we have explained before, a significant amount of market participants will engage in profit taking after a day (or in this case a number of days) of gain. Mixed sentiments originating from the Asian continent, particularly Japan and China, as well as the depreciating Indonesian rupiah exchange rate contributed to the slight gain of Indonesia's benchmark index (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG). The IHSG rose 0.02 percent to 4,556.19 points on Tuesday (18/02).

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  • Jakarta Composite Index and Rupiah Continue Winning Streaks

    The Jakarta Composite Index (Indonesia's benchmark stock index, also known as IHSG) continued its upward rally on Monday (17/02) even though it had concerned us that the index almost touched its 'overbought' level. Especially as the index posted limited gain by the end of last week, it made us unsure about its performance on Monday. And while there are several factors that caused positive market sentiments, we still warn for potential weakening of the index due to profit taking. On Monday (17/02), the IHSG rose 1.05% to 4,555.37 points.

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  • Indonesia's Stock Index Down 0.10% But Rupiah Strengthens Sharply

    The weakening Dow Jones Index on Wednesday (12/02) caused negative market sentiments in Asia the following day. Most Asian indices, including Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG), were down. Not even the announcement that Bank Indonesia decided to maintain its benchmark interest rate (BI rate) at 7.50 percent was able to push the IHSG back in the green zone. Investors probably already anticipated the central bank's decision as it was in line with the market's expectation.

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  • Both Indonesia's Rupiah and Stock Index Strengthen on Wednesday

    Positive market sentiments stemming from Wall Street pushed Indonesia's benchmark stock index (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) further up on Wednesday (12/02). Even though technical indicators (such as the bollinger band) suggest that the majority of Indonesian stocks are close to the overbought area, it did not prevent investors from stock trading. The appreciating rupiah exchange rate, rising Asian indices and positive openings in Europe all contributed to the IHSG's 0.58 percent gain to 4,496.29 points.

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  • JP Morgan and Standard & Poor's Provide Boost for Asian Markets

    JP Morgan and Standard & Poor's Provide Boost for Asian Markets and JCI

    Indonesia's benchmark stock index (IHSG or Jakarta Composite Index/JCI) rebounded on Tuesday (11/02) after being impacted by rising Asian stock indices that followed Wall Street's positive ending on Monday (10/02) as well as higher prices of several commodities. Moreover, JP Morgan Chase & Co released a positive assessment of China's banks and stock market. Lastly, Standard & Poor’s put Indonesia's banks on a stable outlook. Combined, these factors made the IHSG rise 0.44 percent to 4,470.19 points.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index Down 0.36% due to Companies' Slowing Profit

    After experiencing 3 consecutive days of growth, Indonesia’s benchmark stock index (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) weakened on the first trading day of the week after market participants engaged in profit taking. As such, and contrary to its usual performance, the index did not follow rising global indices on Friday (07/02). The IHSG fell 0.36 percent to the level of 4,450.75 points on Monday (10/02). Domestic investors recorded a net sell, while foreign investors recorded a net buy of IDR 842 billion.

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  • Stock Market Update Indonesia: IHSG Gains on 2013's GDP Growth Result

    On Wednesday (05/02), several factors caused a rebound of Indonesia's benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index/IHSG). The IHSG climbed 0.74 percent to 4,384.31 points, thus closing the gap on 4,367-4,377. These factors were strengthening indices on Wall Street after US factory orders did not decline as much as was anticipated by the market, as well as today's release of Indonesia's 5.78 percent GDP growth figure (which was slightly higher than forecasted) and which led to an appreciating rupiah exchange rate.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index Falls 0.78% on Weak US Manufacturing Data

    An analysis of today's (04/02) performance of Indonesia's benchmark stock index (the Jakarta Composite Index, abbreviated IHSG) is more or less the same as yesterday's analysis. The IHSG declined 0.78 percent to 4,352.26 points as market participants engaged in profit taking amid concern about weakening stock indices in the USA and Europe after seeing the US Manufacturing PMI fall to 53.7 in January 2014, while the index of US national factory activity fell to 51.3, its lowest level since May 2013.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index Falls 0.74% due to External and Internal Issues

    Jakarta Composite Index Declines 0.74% due to External and Internal Issues

    The benchmark stock index of Indonesia (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) was again affected by profit taking after market participants saw falling indices on Wall Street and in Europe at the end of last week due to various negative sentiments including the Federal Reserve's tapering issue, slowing Chinese manufacturing and the release of several global companies' financial reports that were below expectation. Moreover, the rupiah exchange rate continued to depreciate while Asian indices were down on Monday (03/02).

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