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  • Pertumbuhan Kedatangan Wisatawan Asing ke Indonesia Lesu

    Meskipun Pemerintah Indonesia telah menghapus persyaratan visa kunjungan bagi 45 negara pada pertengahan 2015 (untuk periode tinggal maksimum di Indonesia selama 30 hari) - dengan tujuan menarik lebih banyak wisatawan - belum ada peningkatan signifikan dalam kedatangan wisatawan asing pada tahun 2015 . Oleh karena itu, sepertinya tidak mungkin Indonesia akan mencapai target menyambut 10 juta turis asing pada tahun 2015. Dalam sepuluh bulan pertama terdapat total 8,0 juta turis saja.

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  • Indonesian Fashion Week: Turning Indonesia into Global Fashion Center?

    Within the creative economy industry, the fashion sector of Indonesia is the second-largest contributor to the country's gross domestic product (GDP), after culinary. At the opening of the fourth Indonesian Fashion Week, Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya stated that fashion contributes IDR 200 trillion (USD $15.6 billion) to the country’s GDP. The Indonesian Fashion Week, organized by the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers (APPMI), is part of an ambition to turn Indonesia into a world center for fashion by 2025.

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  • Investments in Indonesia's Tourism Industry on Growing Tourist Numbers

    Investments in Indonesia's tourism industry are primarily aimed at the hotel and restaurant sector. Indonesia's Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu said that investments in Indonesia's tourism industry reached a total of USD $602.6 million in 2013. This consisted of foreign investments (USD $462.5 million) and domestic investments (USD $140.2 million). Pangestu said that several domestic and foreign hotel operators are eager to expand their business in Indonesia as demand increases.

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  • Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia Jump 22.6% in January 2014

    The number of foreign tourists that visited Indonesia in January 2014 surged 22.6 percent to 753,079 from the same month last year. As usual, most tourists entered Indonesia through the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, the most popular tourist destination of foreigners, followed by Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Batam. A remarkable growth was detected in foreign visitor arrivals in Lombok, growing by 374 percent (yoy). However, this development was not explained by Statistics Indonesia in its press conference.

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  • Tourism in Indonesia is Growing but Infrastructure Investments Needed

    In 2013 Indonesia managed to attract a record number of foreign tourists. Around 8.8 million foreigners entered Indonesia - mostly in Bali - last year, a 9.42 percent increase from 2012, and earning up to USD $10.05 billion in foreign exchange (up 10.23 percent from 2012). Indonesia's tourism sector thus grew at a faster pace in 2013 than the general economy (5.78 percent) and now accounts for 3.8 percent (IDR 347.35 trillion) of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). However, this is still a low figure compared to its regional peers.

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  • 2013's Growing Number of Tourists in Indonesia Meets Government Target

    On Monday (03/02), Statistics Indonesia released various data regarding Indonesia's tourism sector. According to the institution, the number of foreign tourist in Indonesia increased 9.42 percent to 8.80 million people in the full year of 2013. Foreign exchange earnings from the tourism sector grew 11.0 percent to USD $10.1 billion from USD $9.1 billion in 2012. This means that - on average - each foreign tourist spent USD $1,142 per visit in 2013 despite the average length of stay slightly declining from 7.7 days to 7.5 days.

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  • Steady Growth in Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia Continues in October 2013

    The number of foreign tourists that visited Indonesia in the first ten months of 2013 (January to October) reached 7.13 million people, a 8.36 percent increase from the same period last year (6.58 million tourists). Traditionally, most foreign visitor arrivals (2.65 million) entered Indonesia through the newly renovated Ngurah Rai International Airport on Bali, Indonesia's most popular tourist destination. Second is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, located close to Jakarta, which welcomed 1.85 million foreign arrivals in the January-October 2013 period.

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  • Jakarta Marathon 2013: Chance to Promote Jakarta in the Global Media

    Seeing marathons being organized in some of the world's largest cities (which gain attention from the global press), the Jakarta administration felt it could not be left behind. On Sunday 27 October 2013, the first ever marathon of Jakarta will be held, with its route passing by some of Jakarta's most famous landmarks, including the National Monument (Monas), the Istiqlal Mosque, the Cathedral Church, Old Batavia, and the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. The Jakarta marathon also forms the first internationally-recognized marathon in Southeast Asia.

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  • Foreign Visitor Arrivals to Indonesia Increase 7.2% in Semester I-2013

    The number of foreign tourists that visited Indonesia in the first six months of 2013 grew 7.2 percent to 4.15 million compared to the same period in 2012. Elka Pangestu, minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, said that there has been a significant surge in visitors from Asia and the Middle East. Foreign visitor arrivals originating from the United Arab Emirates rose 91 percent, followed by Saudi Arabia (22.8 percent), China (19.2 percent), Egypt (17.1 percent) and Hong Kong (16 percent).

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Artikel Terbaru Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

  • Indonesia Merevisi Kebijakan Visa Kunjungan Singkat

    Menteri Koordinator Perekonomian, Sofyan Djalil, mengumumkan sebuah paket kebijakan ekonomi yang akan dilaksanakan untuk meningkatkan perekonomian Indonesia terutama dalam upaya untuk memperbaiki neraca transaksi berjalan yang merupakan pengukuran paling luas mengenai aliran keluar masuknya devisa yang mencakup perdagangan, jasa, pembayaran bunga dan pengiriman uang. Salah satu perubahan kebijakan baru adalah pembebasan visa kunjungan ke Indonesia. Mulai dari April 2015, Indonesia akan mengizinkan warganegara asing dari tambahan 30 negara untuk mengunjungi Indonesia tanpa visa.

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  • Tourism in Indonesia: Terrorism, Infrastructure and Asean Common Visa

    Tourism in Indonesia has posted impressive growth rates in recent years. This development is due to the fact that Indonesia has plenty of beautiful sites and cultural traditions to offer to foreign (and domestic) tourists, improved airline accessibility to Indonesia, and enhanced focus on promotional campaigns in foreign countries. Lastly, and not unimportantly, there have been no violent terrorist attacks in recent years. In the 2000s, a vicious terrorist attack always resulted in a temporary drop in foreign tourist arrivals.

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  • Tourism in Indonesia: One of Indonesia's Untapped Potentials? (Part I)

    Whenever the topic of tourism in Indonesia is touched upon, most people will instantly think of Bali. This small but famous island harbors all sorts of entertainment that will appeal to various segments of international tourism: beautiful landscapes, Balinese Hinduism, lively nightclubs, beaches and more. But apart from Bali - and despite the fact that Indonesia has much to offer on other islands - the country has disappointed in attracting a large amount of foreign tourists so far.

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