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  • Indonesian Rupiah Depreciates Further, No Positive Sentiments Yet

    The Indonesian rupiah continued to set a new record-low in the post Asian Financial Crisis era. Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the rupiah depreciated 0.07 percent to IDR 13,290 per US dollar on Friday (05/06), the weakest level since 1998. A number of factors are responsible for this weak performance. These include higher bond yields, US dollar demand due to dividend repatriation and debt repayment, Indonesia’s high inflation, uncertainty about the Greek debt crisis and looming higher US interest rates.

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  • Rupiah Indonesia Mendekati Tingkat Terendah Sejak Hampir 17 Tahun

    Karena nilai rupiah Indonesia terus melemah pada hari Kamis (04/06), hampir menyentuh tingkat terendah selama 17 tahun, seorang pejabat bank sentral mencoba meringankan kekuatiran dengan menyatakan bahwa Bank Indonesia selalu ada di di pasar forex dan obligasi untuk memonitor pergerakan dan meringankan volatilitas. Pada hari Kamis pagi, bond yield, yang telah meningkat sejak Jumat (29/05), pada 8,198%. Berdasarkan Bloomberg Dollar Index, rupiah telah melemah 0,11% menjadi Rp 13.245 pada pukul 11:10 WIB.

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  • Indonesian Stock Market & Rupiah Update - Morning Trade 3 June 2015

    Indonesian Stock Market & Rupiah Update - Morning Trade 3 June 2015

    In line with other stock indices in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index) has been weakening since the start of trading on Wednesday (03/06). Yesterday’s weakening indices on Wall Street, concern about rising bond yields, worries about the possibility of a default by debt-ridden Greece, and weak macroeconomic data from Indonesia have all contributed to the negative performance of Indonesian stocks so far today. By 11:15 am local time, the Jakarta Composite Index had fallen 1.42 percent.

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  • Rupiah Down against US Dollar, Markets Wait for Bank Indonesia Meeting

    Indonesia’s rupiah continued to weaken on Monday’s trading day (18/05). The Indonesian rupiah had depreciated 0.22 percent to IDR 13,113 per US dollar by 12:08 pm based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index as market participants are waiting for results of the central bank’s Board of Governor’s Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday (19/05). At this meeting Indonesia’s central bank (Bank Indonesia) will discuss and determine its stance on the country’s interest rate environment. Currently, the key rate (BI rate) is set relatively high at 7.50 percent.

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  • Bullish Indonesian Rupiah after March Trade Surplus

    Over the past two days the Indonesian rupiah has performed strongly against the US dollar. The primary reason for this performance is Indonesia’s March trade surplus. On Wednesday (15/04), Statistics Indonesia announced that the country’s March trade surplus totaled USD $1.13 billion. This is Indonesia’s fourth straight monthly trade surplus and the highest one since December 2013. Moreover, the USD $1.13 billion March surplus was nearly twice the size that analysts had forecast previously.

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  • Bank Dunia Memotong Proyeksi Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Indonesia Tahun 2015

    World Bank Cuts 2015 Economic Growth Forecast Indonesia

    Di dalam Update Perekonomian Asia Timur dan Pasifik dari Bank Dunia, dirilis hari Senin (13/04), institusi yang bermarkas di Washington ini merevisi turun proyeksi pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia menjadi 5,2% pada basis year-on-year (y/y) di 2015, menurun dari 5,6% di Update Bank Dunia sebelumnya. Penyebab utama penurunan proyeksi ini adalah performa ekspor Indonesia yang tetap lemah karena lambatnya perekonomian dunia, termasuk lemahnya permintaan dari Republik Rakyat Tionghoa (mitra dagang terbesar Indonesia). Sementara itu, konsumsi domestik Indonesia dibatasi tingkat suku bunga yang tinggi.

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  • Laporan Bank Dunia: Update Ekonomi Asia Pasifik Timur Terbaru

    World Bank Report: Latest East Asia Pacific Economic Update

    Di edisi terbaru dari Update Perekonomian Asia Pasifik Timur, dirilis pada hari Senin (13 April 2015), Bank Dunia menurunkan proyeksi pertumbuhan ekonomi untuk negara-negara berkembang di Asia Timur & Republik Rakyat Tionghoa (RRT) menjadi 6,7% pada basis year-on-year (y/y) di 2015 dan 2016 dari asumsi awalnya yaitu pertumbuhan 6,9% (y/y) di 2015 dan 6,8% (y/y) di 2016. Alasan utama untuk menurunnya revisi adalah karena ketidakjelasan konteks perekonomian global, yang mencakup dampak dari ancaman kenaikan suku bunga Amerika Serikat (AS) dan kenaikan nilai tukar dollar AS.

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  • Stocks & Currency: Asian Emerging Markets Relieved after Fed Minutes

    Stocks & Currency: Asian Emerging Markets Relieved after Fed Minutes

    Minutes of the Federal Reserve’s latest FOMC meeting (17-18 March), released Wednesday (08/04), show that the US central bank is divided about the timing of higher US interest rates. Several policymakers would approve such an interest rate hike in June 2015, while others would prefer to see rates increase later this year or even next year as they consider that the US economy is still not strong enough yet. However, when reading the minutes there are some signs suggesting that the institution is on course to raise its key rate this year.

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  • Forget Short Term Turmoil, the Economic Rise of Asia has just Begun!

    Forget Short Term Turmoil, the Economic Rise of Asia has just Begun!

    Investors in Asian markets should not be overly concerned about slowing economic growth in China or bullish US dollar momentum ahead of higher US interest rates as economic growth rates in this region are still significantly higher than in other parts of the world. Thanks to a burgeoning middle class segment (which constitutes a strong consumer force), Asia has great prospects for the long-term. This is the message conveyed in the words of Christophe Palumbo, Senior Business Development Manager at Aberdeen Asset Management.

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  • Rupiah Update: Weak US Jobs Data Supports Indonesian Assets

    Rupiah Update: Weak US Jobs Data Supports Indonesian Assets

    Indonesian stocks and the rupiah are performing well on Monday’s trading day (06/04) after weak US economic data suggests that the US central bank (Federal Reserve) will still refrain from raising its key interest rate too soon. Weaker-than-expected US jobs data caused that most Southeast Asian stock markets strengthened today. Moreover, the rupiah also felt the positive impact. According to the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the rupiah had appreciated 0.54 percent to IDR 12,950 per US dollar by 15:17 pm local Jakarta time.

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