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Berita Hari Ini Motorcycles

  • Why Do Motorcycle Exports from Indonesia Rise Strongly?

    Exports of Indonesian motorcycles surged 46.1 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 226,444 units in the January-May 2018 period (from 155,034 exported motorcycles in the first five months of 2017), according to the latest data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI). Sigit Kumala, Commercial Head at AISI, sees three reasons behind the robustly growing amount of motorcycle exports from Southeast Asia's largest economy.

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  • Exports of Indonesian Motorcycles Continue to Grow Robustly

    Indonesia's motorcycle exports in the first four months of 2018 reached 174,123 units, up 41.1 percent year-on-year from exports in the January-April period one year earlier. These data were released by the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI). The marked increase in exports is attributed to the competitive price of Indonesian motorcycles in combination with good quality.

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  • Exports of Indonesian Motorcycles Remain Strong in February 2018

    Also in the second month of 2018 exports of Indonesian motorcycles were strong. Based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), the country's motorcycle exports surged 37.2 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 76,700 units in the first two months of 2018 combined. It could mean that 2018 will become another great year for motorcycle exporters. Last year, exports of two-wheelers from Indonesia surged 52 percent (y/y), outpacing stakeholders' forecasts of 30-40 percent (y/y).

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  • Motorcycle Sales in Indonesia Rose Modestly in January 2018

    Based on the latest data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), motorcycle sales in Indonesia rose 1.8 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 482,537 units in the first month of 2018. Although it is only modest growth, it does give rise to optimism about the direction of domestic motorcycle sales this year, according to AISI Chairman Johannes Loman.

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  • Motorcycle Exports from Indonesia Surged Further in 2017

    Indonesia's motorcycle exports surged a whopping 51.8 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 431,187 units in full-year 2017 based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI). Sigit Kumala, Head of the Commercial Department at AISI, said the 51.8 percent growth pace is better than the association's target range of 30-40 percent (y/y).

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  • Motorcycle Sales in Indonesia: Down Slightly in 2017, Up in 2018?

    Although motorcycle sales in Indonesia fell slightly in 2017, an improvement was detected. Sales fell 0.76 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 5.88 million motorcycle units in 2017, improving from a 8.4 percent (y/y) decline in the preceding year. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) predicts a rebound as it expects growth up to 3 percent (y/y), or around 6 million motorcycles, in 2018.

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  • Exports of Motorcycles from Indonesia Showing Good Growth

    Exports of motorcycle units from Indonesia rose sharply. Based on the latest data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) Indonesia shipped 223,229 motorcycles abroad in the January-July 2017 period, up 35.1 percent from motorcycle exports in the same period one year earlier.

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  • Indonesia's Motorcycle Exports Rise Sharply in May 2017

    Not only Indonesia's domestic motorcycle sales rose in May 2017. Also exports of motorcycles from Indonesia grew rapidly in May. Based on the latest data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), motorcycle exports from Indonesia rose 33.7 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 31,631 units in May. This growth was attributed to exporters' successful efforts to enlarge export markets (including adding new markets).

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  • Motorcycle Sales Indonesia Jump 15% in May 2017

    Sales of motorcycles in Indonesia showed an improvement ahead of the Idul Fitri celebrations in late June (a popular period to purchase a motorcycle unit). Based on the latest data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) motorcycle sales grew 15.16 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 531,496 units in May 2017, the highest growth rate since August 2014. On a monthly basis motorcycle sales in Indonesia grew 36.96 percent (m/m).

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Artikel Terbaru Motorcycles

  • Produsen Stiker Classic Stripes Berinvestasi USD $5 Juta di Indonesia

    Seiring dengan semakin tingginya daya beli masyarakat Indonesia, pembelian kendaraan bermotor, seperti sepeda motor dan mobil, pun terus meningkat. Tahun 2012, berdasarkan data Asosiasi Industri Sepeda Motor Indonesia (AISI), penjualan sepeda motor memang ada penurunan sebanyak 12 persen, yakni dari 8,01 juta unit pada tahun 2011 menjadi 7,06 juta unit tahun 2012. Salah satu faktor yang berada di balik penurunan itu adalah adanya kebijakan pemerintah mengenai persyaratan uang muka kredit kendaraan bermotor yang diberlakukan sejak pertengahan tahun 2012.

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  • Astra International (ASII) Presents First Quarter Results of 2013

    Astra International, Indonesia's largest listed company by market capitalization, presented its Q1-2013 financial results yesterday. The company, which represents the dominating force in Indonesia's automotive sector, posted a seven percent fall in net earnings (YoY) to IDR 4,310 trillion (USD $444.3 million) amid Indonesia's rising labour costs, weak commodity prices, increased competition in the country's car sector and effects of new minimum down-payment regulations in automotive Shariah-financing.

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  • The Ongoing Quest for the Reduction in Indonesia's Fuel Subsidy

    The heavily subsidized fuel price of Indonesia is likely to be raised next month according to Indonesian media sources. Various high officials, including Economic minister Hatta Rajasa, discussed the possibility to raise the fuel price from IDR 4,500 (USD $0.46) to IDR 6,500 (USD $0.67) per liter starting from May. This increase will only apply to private passenger cars, and not to motorcycles and public transportation. However, president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has not made up his mind yet.

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