Based on information from a variety of channels (consisting of a number of credible mainstream media and several reliable channels on Internet and YouTube, which include Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube channel and the website of Dutch statistician Maurice de Hond), we argued that Omicron may very well be the way out of the COVID-19 crisis since its high level of contagiousness encourages rapid development of herd immunity within society, while the less virulent nature of this variant (compared to Delta or Alpha) should not trigger too much pressures on the health sector (in the form of hospitalizations and deaths), although pressures can remain, or return, in case countries neglect, or scale down, capacity in hospitals.

And, the world certainly seemed to be in need of this milder, yet more contagious mutation because after more than a year of ongoing COVID-19 vaccination programs across the world (including boosters), there emerged few signs that vaccines would be able to lift the world out of this crisis.

We are now one month further in time, and therefore it is interesting to take a look at the latest developments, both at home (in Indonesia) and abroad.

One of the million-dollar questions we posed last month was whether the number of new confirmed COVID-19 infections would increase in Indonesia after Omicron had arrived, or, whether Indonesia had managed to build herd immunity thanks to the natural spread of the Delta variant in the country? Around the New Year period, we had, indeed, detected a mild increase in new COVID-19 cases but it was such a modest rise that it made us believe that – after Omicron had arrived some five weeks earlier in the Archipelago – the people of Indonesia were largely immune to the new variant.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia:

However, starting from mid-January 2022 we really started to witness the impact of Omicron as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases went up (by mid-January 2022 over 80 percent of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia were assumed to involve Omicron).


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