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  • Economy & Monetary Policy; How Is Indonesia Doing in the First Quarter of 2022?

    While the Indonesian economy has been recovering ever since the second quarter of 2021, there is some concern that Indonesia will experience a small hiccup in Q1-2022 as the Indonesian government felt the need to tighten its social and business restrictions (to PPKM Level 3) in February 2022 due to the rapid spread of Omicron in society. It is a decision that should somewhat limit economic activity.

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  • Tourism Came to a Near Standstill in the COVID-19 Crisis, Can It Rebound in 2022?

    The tourism industry is among the most heavily disrupted industries in the COVID-19 crisis as restrictions made it difficult (sometimes even impossible) to travel while various tourist destinations had to close temporarily. Moreover, we assume that the psychological impact of the crisis on people is bigger than estimated (implying that people become less willing to travel to distant locations, in particular to emerging economies where healthcare is generally not at world-class standards).

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