In total, these 13 Indonesian companies will payout IDR 22.40 trillion (USD $2.30 billion) in dividends to their shareholders. It is expected that these dividend payouts will increase investors' appetite for Indonesian stocks in the short-term. Ahead of dividend payouts, Indonesia's stock market usually doubles its performance, and therefore the psychological level of 5,000 points may be within reach this week. However, after the dividend momentum has passed, the index should show a correction as investors sell part of their stock portfolios. In Indonesia, final dividends are paid out in April-May, while interim dividends are paid out in October-November.

Dividend Payouts 2012:¹

Company Interim Dividend
     per Share
Final Dividend
    per Share
Total Dividend
    per Share
Astra International
            66          150          216
Bank Mandiri
           199          199
Bank Negara Indonesia             113          113
Indo Tambangraya Megah          1,666        1,464        3,130
Central Omega Resources             50           50
Bank Tabungan Negara             39           39
BPD Jabar Banten             68           68
Merck          3,570        3,570
Bank Rakyat Indonesia            225          225
Nippon Indosari Corpindo             37           37
Bank Himpunan Saudara             18           18
Holcim Indonesia             32           48           80

¹ in IDR rupiah