The report claims that "Indonesia will continue to be a net exporter of coal, while its dependence on oil imports will continue to increase." Meanwhile, the country is likely to turn into a net importer of natural gas sometime after 2030 unless new gas fields start production. The ADB thus advises that energy efficiency improvements should be prioritized to handle the growth in (imported) oil demand. Usage of coal is necessary for Indonesia's energy source diversification, while advanced coal technologies should reduce negative environmental effects of coal use.

"The primary energy demand of Indonesia is projected to increase from 207.8 Mtoe in 2010 to 445.4 Mtoe in 2035, at an annual rate of 3.1 percent. The energy mix will be dominated by oil, accounting for 30.1 percent of primary energy demand in 2035, followed by coal (28.8 percent); natural gas (20.7 percent); others including biomass, geothermal, and new energy sources (19.5 percent); and hydro (0.8 percent)."

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