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  • Indonesia Investments Releases February 2022 Report

    On Tuesday (08.03.2022) Indonesia Investments released the February 2022 edition of its monthly report. This report discusses a range of subjects - related to political developments, the economy and social matters - that were important and influential issues in Indonesia in the month of February 2022.

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  • Renewable Energy: the Challenges of Biomass Development in Indonesia

    Considering Indonesia is committed to the development of renewable energy in a bid to cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time reducing its traditional dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and (mainly imported) diesel in terms of the energy supply, biomass is one of the options that can offer a solution.

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  • ADB Report: Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific (October 2013)

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has released the latest edition of its report, titled Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific 2013, this week. The report aims to identify policy, social, infrastructure, and technology issues that should be addressed to meet the future energy needs of members of the ADB in Asia and the Pacific. Key findings in the case of Indonesia include that the country's primary energy demand is projected to reach 445.4 Mtoe in 2035, up from 207.8 Mtoe in 2010 and that it may become a net importer of natural gas.

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