What were the main points of both presidential pairs?

Summary of the fifth Presidential Debate:

Topics Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Rajasa Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla
Food resilience • Food is a basic need and human right. The government must ensure availability of affordable food in good quality and quantity • Implementation of ‘people’s agribusiness’, meaning that the government gives proper guidance to Indonesian farmers to make the country self-sufficient. Key to success lies in the willingness to solve the self-sufficiency problem (“mental revolution”). Government should create a good supply and demand system for the farmers
Energy sovereignty • Improve oil & gas production and reduce oil & gas imports
• Develop renewable energy
• Push for renegotiations of contracts with foreign companies in mining to improve state-income
• Improve proven reserve and develop the old oil wells
• Improve production of energy sources such as gas, oil and geothermal energy
• Continue to convert oil into gas
• Develop infrastructure for gas distribution
• Pertamina needs to open a market for biofuels
• Reduce energy consumption by improving mass transportation in the bigger cities across Indonesia
Food imports   • Reduce the huge volume of food imports
• Improve productivity by developing quality seeds, fertilizers, good irrigation & infrastructure
Environment • Environmental damage is partly because of the large population (with five million newborns every year). Indonesia needs to develop environmental awareness
• Sustainable development is a priority
• Find a balance between economic development, people’s welfare and environmental conservation. These need to be developed simultaneously
• People must be given incentives to encourage their participation in conservation
Meat prices • Food-price volatility during Ramadan, especially the price of meat, are a national concern
• Indonesia produces lots of cattle, but transporting cattle from West Nusa Tenggara to Jakarta is more expensive than importing cattle from Australia due to high logistics costs
Kleptocracy • Let the law enforcers deal with vote-buying practices. As a nation, Indonesia have weaknesses. If a government signs a contract that disadvantages the Indonesian people, then self-contemplation is needed  
Farmland   • Indonesia needs additional farmland with sufficient irrigation